SNARK - A close up look at Clip-On-Tuners

SNARK - A close up look at Clip-On-Tuners

When it comes to achieving impecable tuning for your guitar, or other string instruments, Snark have solidifed their place as a must have companion in the world of clip on tuners. There's a lot to choose from, so we're going to take a closer look at some of our favourite Snarks, highlight their differences and hopefully find the right one for you!

Snark SNRE

Setting the SNRE apart from the rest of the pack is it's on-board rechargable battery, which is fast charging, long lasting and can be used with any USB port. Like other Snarks in the range, the SNRE uses vibrations, rather than a microphone, so there's no need to worry about unwanted noise and interference affecting it's accuracy. With a fully chromatic pitch calibration between 415-466Hz, tuning response is extremely fast, way down to the lower regions of barritone or multi-strung bass guitars, where other clip on tuners can often become confused.

Snark SN5X

Arguably the staple of the Snark range, the SN5X has been lauded for it's simplicity and extreme effectiveness. The compact design, which has been translated in other Snarks, makes the SN5X easy to use on the go, saving a space on your pedal board that a comparaitvely much bigger pedal tuner would take up.

Silver Snark

Not only does the Silver Snark sport a sleek metallic design, it's upgraded Hyper-Snark tuning software provides even faster response. Another upgarde featured on the Silver Snark is a new rubber coating that helps isolate and mute microphonic vibrations, to ensure pin point, precision accuracy.

Snark SN6

Ukelele players rejoice, this one is for you! The SN6 is designed specifically for the Ukelele, where other chromatic tuners neglect their needs, this tuner makes it easy for you to achieve optimal tuning.


Snark clip-on tuners have carved a niche in the world of guitars by offering convenient, accuracte tuning on the go. The specific Snarks we've looked at today are a selection of their triumphs and statement of the brands commitment to top.notch tuning solutions! A small investment for a lifetime of great results!

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