Standard Setup


  • Bridge saddle adjustment
  • Fine intonation setting
  • Setting of nut slot heights
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • String replacement
  • Pickup balancing
  • Setup for floating trem/Floyd Rose + £10

Setups for Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitars

Standard setup from £47.50

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Deluxe Setup

There may be instances where your guitar needs more than a standard setup. If the frets are uneven or damaged this would make a standard setup impossible to complete. For this reason we offer a setup which includes the more advanced work needed to get your guitar playing the way it should.


  • Standard setup, plus -
  • Fret re-levelling, including glueing down any loose frets, removing any sharp edges
  • Re-Crowning of the frets
  • Fret polishing, for a mirror-like shine
  • Fretboard clean & oil

Setups for Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitars

Deluxe Guitar Setup From £75 + strings

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We stock a wide range of strings from major brands such as D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir, Dunlop and Rotosound. Whether you have an electric, acoustic or bass we're sure to be able to fix you up and get you playing again in super-quick time.

Restringing - From £7 + Strings

12 string guitars from £10 + Strings

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Headstock Repair

An all-too-common issue for many guitar models with angled headstocks. The cost of a complete neck replacement can mean that repair is the only option for many players in this type of situation. But it doesn't have to be "make-do" solution. Done properly, the repair will be unnoticeable, and provide the necessary strength to allow you continued use of your axe for a fraction of the cost of a brand new neck.

Headstock repair from £90.00

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Pickup Installation

For those who aren't too handy with a soldering iron we'll happily install your own choice of pickups and have your guitar sounding sweet again. We're also an authorised dealer of Artec, Tonerider, Seymour Duncan and Bareknuckle pickups.

Pickup Instalation - from £25

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Electrical Work

  • Pot replacement - £10
  • Electromagnetic shielding - from £15
  • Complete rewiring - from £25
  • Output jack replacement - from £10
  • Barrel output jack - from £15
  • Switch replacement - from £15
  • Wiring modifications - from £30
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Hardware Replacement

We are authorised dealers for most of the big name manufacturers, including: Fender, Gotoh, Floyd Rose, Schaller, Wilkinson and many more.

  • Machine head fitting - from £15
  • Bridge fitting - from £20
  • Tremolo fitting - from £25
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