Wilkinson CALIBER 7179 Single Coil Pickups - R Series

Wilkinson CALIBER 7179 Single Coil Pickups - R Series


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Inspired by the Strat sound of the '70s

Made with AWG.42 plain enamel wire and fibre bobbins

Cotton push back hookup wire for easy installation

DC Resistance neck: 7.20 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 7.20 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 7.80 KΩ

Derived from the classic guitar tones and influential guitar heroes of the 70s era, the Caliber 7179 WHS pays homage to the likes of Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, and Robin Trower, who established the single coil sound of the S-style guitar, forging their iconic voices that continue to inspire guitar players to this day.

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The Caliber 7179 WHS pickups are meticulously handcrafted in small batches and feature 5mm Alnico V pole pieces, black fibre plates, and AWG.42 plain enamel wire. Prior to winding, both the bobbins and magnets are dipped in clear lacquer to prevent coil feedback.

These pickups are available individually or as a set and are designed with non-staggered flat pole pieces to deliver an authentic string response reminiscent of the 70s era. The vintage-inspired design also includes cotton-covered push back wires, and the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity to eliminate hum.


Trev Wilkinson was initially inspired by the music of legendary players, which influenced his own playing and future in music. Hank Marvin's vibrato intrigued him, and the unique sounds of Clapton, Beck, and Green were also influential, along with the instruments and components that created those sounds.

The R series of pickups is the culmination of years of research and collaboration with esteemed inventors like Seth Lover and Leo Fender, exploring all aspects of sound, materials, and production methods. Extensive testing and tweaking have resulted in the creation of our finest pickups, the R series.


The R series pickups are a culmination of extensive research and development, drawing on years of experience and expertise from industry pioneers including Seth Lover and Leo Fender.

Through careful consideration of sound, materials, and production techniques, coupled with rigorous testing and refinement, Wilkinson proudly offer the R series as their premier lineup of pickups.

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