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Wilkinson CALIBER 6065 Bridge Pickup for Telecaster - R Series

Wilkinson CALIBER 6065 Bridge Pickup for Telecaster - R Series


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Alnico V slug magnets mounted in black fiber top and bottom plates

Copper plated steel bottom keeper plate

Wax potted and wrapped with real white cotton for vintage vibe

Slightly lower output and brighter tone than WVOB bridge pickup

Raised centre poles on D and G string slugs

DC Resistance: 7.2 KΩ

Wilkinson's R Series Caliber 6065 WVTB is crafted with over two decades of expertise, offering a vintage Telecaster compatible bridge pickup that faithfully replicates the tone and vibe of the 1960s Telecaster.

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Featuring Alnico V slug magnets, expertly mounted within black fiber top and bottom plates, complemented by a copper plated steel bottom keeper plate, this pickup is a testament to quality construction.

Prior to precision winding with plain enamel AWG.42 gauge wire, each assembly undergoes a meticulous clear lacquer coating and air drying process. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, each unit is carefully wax potted and meticulously wrapped with genuine white cotton, delivering an authentic vintage aesthetic.


Carefully calibrated for authenticity, this pickup offers a slightly lower output and a brighter tonal profile in comparison to CALIBER 5052 bridge pickup. Notably, the Caliber 6065 features raised center poles specifically on the D and G string slugs.

The Caliber 6065 pickups feature a precision-crafted brass bass plate, enhancing tonal balance and resonance. Experience heightened clarity, sustain, and harmonic richness, elevating your playing to new levels of sonic excellence.

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