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Wilkinson CALIBER 6064 Single Coil Pickups - R Series

Wilkinson CALIBER 6064 Single Coil Pickups - R Series


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Vintage tone with a higher output

Inspired by the distinct tones of Knopfler, Marvin & Gallagher

Cotton push back hookup wire for easy installation

DC Resistance neck: 6.40 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 6.40 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 6.90 KΩ

The Caliber 6064 WVS pickups by Wilkinson are engineered to deliver the classic vintage tone with a slightly higher output, rendering them perfect for clean and driven tones in the style of renowned guitarists like Clapton, Knopfler, and Gallagher.

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Handcrafted, Caliber 6064 WVS pickups feature 4.8mm Alnico V Pole-pieces for a traditional tone with balanced tonal range and sparkling highs. After assembly with fiber plates and magnets, the pickups are dipped in lacquer, air-dried, wound with AWG .42 gauge Formvar wire to specific settings, and coated with air-dried lacquer to prevent feedback.

These pickups are available in individual or set options and feature slightly chamfered staggered pole pieces for a balanced string response. Additionally, the WVS middle pickup is reverse-wound and reverse-polarity to provide hum cancellation.


Trev Wilkinson's entry into the realm of music was shaped by the renowned sounds of legendary musicians, which kindled not only his musical aspirations but also his passion for the craft.

Although Hank Marvin's vibrato techniques served as a source of inspiration that ultimately played a pivotal role in the development of Wilkinson's signature brand, the distinct tones and melodic textures of Clapton, Beck, Green, and other influential musicians left an indelible impression on him.

The instruments and components that produced these inimitable sounds also left an enduring impact on Wilkinson's creative journey.


The R series pickups are a culmination of extensive research and development, drawing on years of experience and expertise from industry pioneers including Seth Lover and Leo Fender.

Through careful consideration of sound, materials, and production techniques, coupled with rigorous testing and refinement, Wilkinson proudly offer the R series as their premier lineup of pickups.

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