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Wilkinson CALIBER 5455 Single Coil Pickups - R Series

Wilkinson CALIBER 5455 Single Coil Pickups - R Series

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.42 AWG Formvar wire

Custom '54-'55 style bakelite radius pickup covers

Cotton push back hookup wire for easy installation

DC Resistance neck: KΩ

DC Resistance middle: KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: KΩ

The Caliber 5455 is designed to replicate the sound of the pickups found in the early prototype and first production runs of the Fender Stratocaster guitar.

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Before the Stratocaster® guitar was launched, Leo Fender's renowned Telecaster®/Broadcaster® used pickups with a 0.196" (4.98mm) Alnico polepiece, which was slightly larger than the standard polepiece size of 0.1875" (4.76mm) used for the Stratocaster® from 1956 onwards.

It was logical, therefore, that when creating prototypes of the Stratocaster®, Fender would use the components he had on hand instead of creating new ones. Consequently, the initial pickups in the 1954 Stratocaster® prototypes and production models utilized the Telecaster® polepiece magnets with a slightly larger diameter.


The extent of the impact this would have had on the instrument's development has become part of the lore surrounding guitar design and innovation spanning over 70 years.

As Trev himself puts it, "Having worked in the guitar industry for over four decades, I've learned that every change, no matter how small, results in a difference, albeit sometimes imperceptible."

"Therefore, if one intends to recreate a highly coveted instrument, it's important to get it right in order to achieve the closest possible resemblance. This is why we are committed to doing what we do."


Another distinctive attribute of these pickups was their covers. It is a widely circulated myth that the originals were crafted from Bakelite, one of the earliest plastics invented in the early 1900s (patented in 1909). However, this is not accurate. The actual material used for the covers was an early form of Styrene, predating the later ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

The initial covers had a curved top edge, resulting in a very thin edge that was prone to wear and eventual cracking. We have replicated the appearance of this cover using a more durable ABS material that provides the same look but with greater strength.

Customer Reviews

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I’m absolutely blown away by the quality and sound of these pickups. I’d heard good things about them but wasn’t convinced they would be that good. Northwest Guitars had such a good deal so I took a chance, so glad I did. This is gonna get expensive cos my other guitars now don’t sound so good. Trevor Wilkinson should be knighted!!