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Wilkinson CALIBER 5261 P90 Bridge Pickup

Wilkinson CALIBER 5261 P90 Bridge Pickup

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Vintage-inspired P90 Bridge pickup.

Fat single coil tone suited to Jazz and Blues players

Handcrafted with original bent nickel silver backing plate and spacers

Rough cast alnico V bar magnets for classic vintage tone.

Wound with AWG.42 Plain enamel wire to specific specifications

Traditional braided 2 strand wire for connection and vintage vibe.

Ideal for players seeking a pure classic neck pickup sound

DC Resistance: 7.7 KΩ

With its vintage character and tone, the Caliber 5261 W90 P90 is a hand-crafted pickup designed for the bridge position, delivering a classic P90 voice.

Featuring an original style bent nickel silver backing plate and wooden spacers, this pickup is constructed with rough cast alnico V bar magnets, and is wound with AWG.42 Plain enamel wire, according to our specific specifications.

The traditional braided 2 strand wire used for connection ensures a true vintage vibe. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer seeking a classic sound, the Caliber 5261 W90 P90 is an excellent choice.

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The pickup's alnico V bar magnets are rough cast and placed on wooden spacers, while the nickel silver backing plate is bent in the original style.

Wound with AWG.42 Plain enamel wire according to Wilkinson's specific specifications, the Caliber 5261 P90 is also connected with traditional braided 2 strand wire, providing an authentic vintage feel.

The Caliber 5261 P90 is particularly suited to the bridge position and is an excellent choice for musicians who value a classic P90 sound.


The R series of pickups represents the culmination of years of meticulous listening, research, and development. Drawing on his extensive experience and collaborations with industry pioneers like Seth Lover and Leo Fender, Trev focused on every aspect of sound, materials, and production methods.

This attention to detail is evident in the exceptional quality of the R series, making them the pinnacle of Wilkinson's pickup offerings.

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