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Wilkinson CALIBER 5052 Bridge Pickup for Telecaster - R Series

Wilkinson CALIBER 5052 Bridge Pickup for Telecaster - R Series


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Faithful recreation of the iconic Telecaster pickup from the early 1950s.

Copper plated steel keeper plate

5mm diameter Alnico V magnets

Black fibre top and bottom plates dipped in clear lacquer and air dried

Wound with AWG42 gauge wire

Wax potted and wrapped in black cotton

DC Resistance: 8.0 KΩ

Drawing on decades of experience crafting pickups, Wilkinson's R Series Caliber 5052 WVOB represents our most authentic recreation of the legendary T-style bridge pickup from the 1950s.

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The Caliber 5052 WVOB pickup is a meticulously constructed unit designed to replicate the tone and twang of a 1950s Telecaster bridge pickup. It features a copper-plated steel keeper plate, 5mm Alnico V magnets, and black fibre top and bottom plates.

The pickup is wound with AWG42 gauge wire, wax potted, and wrapped in black cotton. The result is a powerful and bright tone with classic twang, thanks to its flat flush pole design.


Creating the authentic tone and twang of the 1950s Telecaster bridge pickup requires a meticulous blend of components and construction techniques. Wilkinson's Caliber 5052 bridge pickup features a copper plated steel keeper plate, Alnico V magnets, and lacquer-dipped fibre plates.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent bridge pickup

I bought this pickup for a partscaster Esquire and am very happy with the sound. I previously had used a bridge pickup from a Squier Cabronita (the Bigsby model). That was very shrill and ice picky. The Caliber 5052, is much more well rounded, with a great bottom end and warmer treble. It sounds just like a good Tele pickup should, and the Esquire is now much closer in sound to my American Original 50s Tele, which is what I was looking for.