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Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor - 0.001uf for Treble Bleed

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor - 0.001uf for Treble Bleed


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Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor - 0.001uF - for Treble Bleed

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors are one of the most highly sought after tone capacitors for guitar thanks to their inherent quality and durability. Advertised as a premium feature in many Gibson guitars, guitarists love them thanks to their bullet proof reliability.

Treble Bleed Capacitor

The .001uF capacitor is most often used in treble bleed circuits, countering the loss of treble from your signal when you roll off the volume knob. Due to the relationship between your pickup and potentiometer, when you turn down the pot the resistance is increased. This increased resistance then results in a dip of the high end frequencies. With a capacitor installed on the volume pot more of the high end bleeds back in as your turn the volume knob down.

To complete the treble bleed kit you need to solder a resistor across the capacitor terminals. We use a 130k ohm resistor, which can be found here

Tone Pot Capacitor

The capacitor you choose works in tandem with your guitar tone pot, which acts like a light switch dimmer, only allowing particular frequencies through. This gives you the option to adjust your tone on the fly, cutting treble or bass as you please. Different capacitors take different levels of frequency from your signal, which can result in a darker or brighter sound depending on the combination of capacitor and tone pot used.

Tone Cap Values

All caps come with a value, for which the suffix is written uF (or sometimes mF). The ‘F’ stands for Farad, which is the standard unit of capacitance in all electronics. The Farad refers to the ability of a body to store electrical charge, in this case our Guitar Tone Capacitor. Guitar capacitors are comparatively small to some of those found in other electronic components, such as guitar amps for example, and are measured in millionths of a Farad, referred to as a microfarad.

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors offer fantastic reliability and value for money, making them the choice for professional guitar players all over the world.


Orange Drop Capacitor

Cap Value: .001 µf

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