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Solid Brass Tremolo Block 11.3mm String Spacing

Solid Brass Tremolo Block 11.3mm String Spacing


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Replacement Solid Brass Block for USA Vintage Fender Tremolos

If you're looking to improve the performance of your USA Vintage Stratocaster tremolo system without wanting to replace the whole unit, then this is what you need.

This high-mass solid brass block will give your tremolo increased sustain, and improve tuning stability. 

This is a direct replacement for any USA Stratocaster Vintage Tremolo system with a screw in tremolo arm.

USA Stratocaster tremolo has string spacing of 2 7/32" (56.35mm) E to E

Fitting instructions

Simply remove the saddles from your existing tremolo to get at the three screws that secure the block to the tremolo plate. It's then just a case of removing these 3 screws and switching over the tremolo block.

Requires a 5mm tremolo arm



String Spacing: 11.3mm

String Spacing E to E: 56.5mm

For Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kieran O'Connor
Northwest Guitars Brass block = good

After the tremolo arm in my Strat snapped during use, I found that I needed to replace the block.

Northwest Guitars have a wide selection of blocks to fit the different types of bridges you’ll find. and after looking through them and comparing them to the dimensions of my bridge, I found the one that I needed at a slightly cheaper price than buying directly from Fender.

Ordered on Wednesday and through my door on Saturday via standard delivery, I took my Strat apart, replaced the block, put the strings back on and now this mean guitar is in good health once again.

I don’t know how it truly affects the sound, tuning or sustain, but my guitar still sounds like a guitar so that is good.

I’ve learned where I went wrong with my tremolo arm snapping, so hopefully I’ll not have to replace another block again… But in the event I develop memory loss, I will be buying from Northwest Guitars again.


Mikael Sukoinen
A solid upgrade!

The dimensions matched my Gotoh vintage tremolo unit but I had to use the original screws. No biggie! It's a heavy block and it noticeably increased the output of my guitar, so much that I had to re-dial my amp for the edge of breakup.

Probably the last thing I'll upgrade on a guitar but still an upgrade! Cheaper than a new tremolo unit too.