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Mylar Capacitor - .047uF

Mylar Capacitor - .047uF


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Mylar Capacitor - .047uF

Mylar Capacitors are commonly found in Gibson and Fender guitars and are a high quality component with a vast array of uses in guitar circuits. Please note the colours of these Mylar Capacitors may vary from batch to batch.

Mylar Film Capacitor

Mylar capacitors are very highly rated options that don’t break the bank. Similar in construction to Orange Drop capacitors they are often found in a lot of modern guitars thanks to their excellent build quality and reliable performance. The tolerance on Mylar capacitors is much better than those on cheaper ceramic capacitors, meaning you’re going to get a much closer result to the tolerance you want, rather than the less predictable performance of their ceramic counterparts.

Tone Cap Values

All caps come with a value, for which the suffix is written uF (or sometimes mF). The ‘F’ stands for Farad, which is the standard unit of capacitance in all electronics. The Farad refers to the ability of a body to store electrical charge, in this case our Guitar Tone Capacitor. Guitar capacitors are comparatively small to some of those found in other electronic components, such as guitar amps for example, and are measured in millionths of a Farad, referred to as a microfarad.

Mylar Caps will offer reliable and consistent performance for your guitar circuits, whether you're wiring a standard control plate or looking to do something more exotic.

Please note: Colour & brand may vary.



Mylar Capacitor

Cap Value: .047 µf

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Great service

Northwest Guitars are fantastic with their speedy service and awesome products all round. I will definitely buy from them again!!