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Loaded Dave Gilmour Deluxe Pre-Wired Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate & Electrics

Loaded Dave Gilmour Deluxe Pre-Wired Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate & Electrics


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A faithful reproduction of Dave Gilmour's "BLACK STRAT" wiring configuration.

A significant feature of this kit is the recessed mini toggle switch. It's a unique feature that is synonymous with Gilmour's Black Strat.

The function of the recessed mini-toggle switch is to activate the neck pickup. By activating the mini-toggle switch with the 5-way selector switch in position 1 (bridge pickup) then you will have the bridge and neck pickups selected together, similar to a Telecaster. 

By activating the mini-toggle switch when the 5-way selector switch is in position 2 (bridge and middle pickups) then all three pickups selected at the same time. This gives you a total of 7 unique pickup selections.

Now it's possible to have all three pickups active at once.

The recessed mini toggle switch, and all other electrics, are mounted to our own custom made single-ply 11-hole black scratchplate which has been produced specifically for this particular setup. We manufacture our switch mounting bracket from a sturdy piece of custom formed stainless steel that is strong and easily mountable underneath the volume and tone potentiometers.  It is not a permanent piece of the pickguard, but when installed becomes an integral part of it.

Choose your tone

We have 3 different tone control capacitors to choose from; 0.022uf, 0.033uf and 0.047uf.  Specific to the Gilmour Strat would be the 0.047uf tone capacitor. The typical tone capacitor found in most modern Strat's is the 0.022uf which rolls off less treble as you lower the tone control where the 0.047uf rolls off more treble as you lower the tone control. The 0.033uf is somewhere in-between.

If you increase the value of the capacitor you effectively lower the frequency cut off point.  As the tone control is lowered, the tone becomes deeper or bassier, because the cut off point has been lowered.  This of course results in lower frequency signals being bled off to ground. 

Here is a link to a very informative video that explains How Tone Capacitors Work and is well worth watching to fully understand how tone capacitors effect your tone and to help you make an informed decision for the tone capacitor selection in your pickguard assembly.

Contents of the Dave Gilmour wiring harness kit

  • 1 x Single-ply black 11hole scratchplate (will fit USA and Mexican Fenders)
  • 1 x USA made CRL 5-way switch
  • 3 x Genuine CTS Audio Taper Pots (250K or 500K)
  • 1 x Genuine Sprague Orange Drop Cap
  • Gavitt Vintage cloth covered wire (USA Made)
  • SPDT Mini-toggle Switch (on-off)
  • 1 x Switchcraft 1/4" Mono output jack socket
  • Stainless steel toggle switch mounting bracket
  • All silver soldered throughout

The kit is assembled by us here in the UK using high quality silver solder and USA made vintage cloth push-back wire. We even solder the output jack so the whole thing is ready to drop-in.

Simply fit your choice of pickups and you're ready to go!

Please note: These control scratchplates are in built to order by us here in the UK so please allow 48 hours for us to assemble and despatch your order.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Byrne
Very well done, helpful & fast

Felt a little embarrassed asking somebody to do my soldering for me, but I’ve got Parkinson’s & it’s a comedy show when I try it these days. That said NWG’s soldering is better & tidier than mine ever was. Strongly recommended.

Connor Forbes
Great piece of kit

Really happy with the scratchplate - only issue I have is the hole bored out for the toggle switch is a bit on the big side. Besides that, love it!