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High Mass Solid Brass 5 String Bass Bridge for Precision/Jazz Bass etc

High Mass Solid Brass 5 String Bass Bridge for Precision/Jazz Bass etc


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High Mass Bridge 5 String - Dual Loading

The High Mass Bass Bridge 5 string is a supreme quality bridge that's designed to vastly improve five string bass guitars. Machined from a solid brass block this bridge will add sustain, resonance, and attack without colouring your bass tone. It also features a dual loading string mount system, so you can top load it or string thru if you prefer.

Adjustable String Spacing

Uniquely this bridge features a 18mm string spacing as standard, however you can adjust the strings in the saddle for side to side movement, allowing you to space the strings to your personal preference, or ensure they sit properly over the pole pieces of your pickups.

Top Loading

When top loading, the strings are top mounted to the back of the bridge, which means a slightly lesser string tension than that of a through body. This will make the guitar sound more resonant and lively, improving the overall tone of your bass guitar.

String Thru

When using a string thru bass bridge, you'll have increased tension versus that of a top loading bridge, which some players prefer as it gives you a more stable playing platform, particularly when you're plucking with your fingers. It really comes down to personal preference which you prefer, as both will sound equally great, just different.

Quality Construction

The High Mass Bass Bridge includes all mounting hardware, with a five hole mount to fit the majority of Fender bass guitars. Individually intonatable and height adjustable saddles give you fantastic versatility, making this a must have upgrade for any discerning bass guitar player.

HMB503 Specifications

  • String Spacing - 18mm (adjustable)
  • Saddle Material - Brass
  • Baseplate Material - Brass


String Spacing: 19mm

String Spacing E to E: 76mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent, cost effective pgrade

This fitted perfectly on by Japanese Bacchus jazz bass despite being a 6 hole the four screws to the back lined up with the existing holes and covered the two holes to the front. It's great quality, substantial, greatly improves my tone and you don't get that floppy string feeling that you get with traditional style bridges. I was able to fit this and set the intonation and heights in under 15 minutes. I can't see how the more expensive brand names could be any better.