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Gotoh Telecaster Vintage Ash Tray Bridge with "In Tune" Titanium Saddles

Gotoh Telecaster Vintage Ash Tray Bridge with "In Tune" Titanium Saddles


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Gotoh Telecaster Compatible Bridge with Titanium Saddles

Gotoh Telecaster Compatible Bridges have an outstanding reputation for quality and durability. Made in Japan with titanium saddles and base plate, this bridge will fit the vast majority of Tele-style guitars.

Titanium Saddles

Titanium saddles will provide a noticeably brighter tone, making them great for pairing with darker sounding pickups. They will tighten up the tone of your guitar and enhance the top end response. These saddles also have staggered sting slots which offer improved intonation, creating a greater break angle across the bridge saddles.

Titanium Base Plate

The Titanium Base Plate delivers better sustain, clearer note separation and an improved harmonic response when compared to traditional steel and brass base plates. It is also non-ferrous and pretty much non-conductive when compared to other materials, preventing any potential issues with interference. This bridge comes with 4 colour matched screws, ensuring that the bridge base plate is tightly locked to the guitar body, promoting string vibration transfer.

String Thru

When using a string thru bridge, you'll have increased tension versus that of a top loading bridge, which some players prefer as it gives you a more stable playing platform, particularly when you're plucking with your fingers. It really comes down to personal preference which you prefer, as both will sound equally great, just different.

Vintage 'Ash Tray' Style

This bridge has the classic vintage 'Ash-Tray' style design made famous by the original Telecaster. The original came with a cover that went over the bridge, allegedly to prevent interference from the pickup, but the vast majority of player removed these immediately. This left a raised surround that looked remarkedly similar to an ash tray, hence the name!

Gotoh Telecaster Compatible Bridge

Gotoh Tele Compatible Bridges have a well deserved reputation for consistent quality, making them a premium upgrade for players who only want the best components on their guitars.

Ti-TC1 Specifications

  • String Spacing 10.8mm (54mm E to E)
  • Base Plate Material - Titanium
  • Saddle Material - Titanium
  • String Mounting - String Thru


String Spacing: 10.8mm

String Spacing E to E: 54mm

For Right Handed Guitars

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