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Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-Matic Guitar Bridge with Brass Saddles

Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-Matic Guitar Bridge with Brass Saddles


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Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-Matic Bridge for Epiphone

This great guitar bridge from Gotoh strikes a balance between Nashville, and ABR-1 style Tune-o-Matics. The wider Nashville-type construction allows for better intonation of the saddles when compared to the ABR-1 which has less room to maneuveur. Unlike typical Nashville type bridges however, this one features M8 threaded posts for threading directly into the body of the guitar.

Brass Saddles

Brass saddles are amongst the best materials out there when it comes to bridge saddles design. This is because they impart a warm tonality that isn't too bright, whilst being hard enough to not suffer from wear over time and deliver excellent intonation properties. On this bridge a retainer wire keeps them attached to the bridge, ensuring they won't slip out of place when restringing.

An upgrade to your guitar hardware can result in significant performance gains, so change to a Gotoh Tune-o-Matic and you may find your guitar plays better than ever!

GE103BS Specifications

  • String Spacing 10.4mm (52mm E to E)
  • Radius - 12"
  • Bridge Material - Steel
  • Saddle Material - Brass


String Spacing: 10.4mm

String Spacing E to E: 52mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Duff
Excellent bridge if you want an upgrade!

Gotoh are probably one of my favourite parts manufacturers and this bridge much like their version with titanium saddles I purchased last year are excellent quality, easy to install and fairly priced