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Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-matic Bridge with Titanium Saddles for Gibson Guitars

Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-matic Bridge with Titanium Saddles for Gibson Guitars


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h3>Gotoh Tune-o-Matic Bridge with Titanium Saddles - Nashville Style

This Nashville-style Gotoh Tune-o-Matic Bridge comes with Titanium Saddles, delivering a lovely bright tone and outstanding durability. Made to the exceptionally high standard you'd expect from this Japanese powerhouse of guitar parts, it features 4mm bridge posts making it a great upgrade for any Gibson guitar.

Titanium Saddles

Titanium saddles will provide a noticeably brighter tone, making them great for pairing with darker sounding pickups. They will tighten up the tone of your guitar and enhance the top end response. These saddles are individually adjustable to ensure perfect intonation and a pre-notched for you to use immediately.

What is a 'Nashville'-style Bridge?

The Nashville-style bridge came about as Gibson looked to improve upon their earlier ABR-1 design. There were a few issues with the ABR-1 which included its narrow size, resulting in less room to maneuveur when making intonation adjustments. The ABR-1 also came with a retaining bar to hold the saddles in place, which could often result in unwanted rattling. The Nashville-style bridge is wider than the ABR-1 for better intonation adjustments, and the saddles are integrated into the bridge, so you've no chance of losing them during string changes, nor is there a bar to cause any rattle.

The Gotoh Tune-o-Matic Bridge with Titanium Saddles will help you nail your perfect tone, particularly where you need the brighten up the sound of your guitar to match a dark pair of humbuckers.

Ti301-B Specifications

  • String Spacing - 10.4mm (52mm E to E)
  • Post Spacing - 74mm (centre to centre)
  • Radius - 12"
  • Bridge Material - Steel
  • Saddle Material - Titanium


String Spacing: 10.4mm

String Spacing E to E: 52mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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