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Gold Anodized 11 hole HSS Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate

Gold Anodized 11 hole HSS Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate


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Elevate the aesthetic of your Stratocaster with the Northwest Guitars Anodised SSS Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate. This scratchplate seamlessly marries precision engineering with timeless anodised appeal, making it an ideal complement to both vintage and modern Stratocasters.


  1. Precision-Cut Design: Expertly tailored to fit the contours and dimensions of the iconic Stratocaster profile.

  2. Anodised Finish: Crafted with an elegant anodised finish that adds a touch of sophistication and durability, ensuring protection against scratches and daily wear.

  3. 11 Mounting Holes: Thoughtfully pre-drilled with 11 mounting holes for easy and secure installation.

Broad Compatibility:

This scratchplate is meticulously designed for broad compatibility, harmonizing effortlessly with a range of Stratocaster models, including Fender USA, Squier, Mexican, and Japanese editions. However, owing to the nuances that can exist among different models, we strongly advise cross-referencing with our detailed diagram prior to making a purchase, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.

Elevate Your Strat’s Look and Feel

Whether updating a vintage gem, protecting a recent acquisition, or simply wanting to refine your instrument's look, the Northwest Guitars Anodised SSS Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate stands as the definitive choice. Relish in the blend of superb craftsmanship, striking aesthetics, and enduring protection.

*Attention: Due to potential subtle variations in design and specifications among different models, it's crucial to consult our provided diagram to confirm compatibility before making your purchase.

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