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Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Coiled Guitar Cable Straight/Angle White - 30ft (9.14m)iled Instrument Cable Straight/Angled Jacks White

Ernie Ball Coiled Guitar Cable Straight/Angle White - 30ft (9.14m)iled Instrument Cable Straight/Angled Jacks White


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Guitar Cable

Length: 30ft

Plug Type: Straight/Angled

Ernie Ball Coiled Guitar Cable Straight/Angle White - 30ft (9.14m)

The Ernie Ball Coiled Guitar Cable in White is a high quality design that is built to put up with plenty of abuse from life on the road. A superior construction ensures that all your guitar tone is accurately translated with minimal signal losse and low noise levels.

Quality Components

Ernie Ball's Coiled Guitar cable has multiple shielding materials to help revent any excess interference. The low noise floor of these cables means you'll be less susceptible to hum from your guitar rig, great for when you want to crank up the gain! A PVC exterior jacket makes certain that this guitar cable will stand the test of time, whether you're playing at home or regularly gigging.

Supreme Sound

This coiled guitar cable has dual conductors which means you'll get a reliable transfer of your signal. Highs will be crisp, mids tight, and your harmonics will sing with a rich voice.

Coiled vs Straight

There's much debate as to the difference between a coiled guitar cable and a straight one, so why do some guitarists prefer the curly guitar cable? Well, it all comes down to cable length. The longer a cable, the more high end you lose from the signal as it travels along the length. With a coiled cable you've got a much longer length due the spiral shape, which means some highs are cut. Jimi Hendrix was a famous user of a coiled cable, and although we don't know if he specifically chose coiled cables, they were no doubt an integral part of his sound. So if you feel your tone has too much high end, a coiled cable may well help tame some of those harsher frequencies. They also look seriously cool on stage!

Ernie Ball's coiled guitar cable comes with a straight/angle design for maximum flexibility and with a 30ft (914m) length, you can be sure you'll have plenty of room to move around.

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