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Elixir 12102 Nanoweb Electric Strings - Medium 11 - 49

Elixir 12102 Nanoweb Electric Strings - Medium 11 - 49


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The Elixir Nanoweb Electric Strings stand out in the guitar world for their innovative design and exceptional performance. Coated with Elixir's exclusive Nanoweb technology, these strings offer a thin, protective layer that guards against corrosion and wear, significantly extending their lifespan. This coating also ensures a smooth, natural feel, reducing finger squeak and enhancing playability.

Known for their bright, vibrant tone, the Nanoweb Electric Strings are ideal for a variety of playing styles and genres, from crisp, clean rhythms to soaring solos. They maintain their tone longer than traditional strings, making them a favourite among both studio musicians and live performers.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these strings provide consistent, high-quality sound that keeps your guitar sounding its best.


  • Nanoweb Coating: Thin yet durable coating that protects against corrosion, extending string life.
  • Bright, Vibrant Tone: Ideal for a wide range of genres, offering clarity and richness in sound.
  • Reduced Finger Squeak: Smooth surface minimizes noise for cleaner playing.
  • Extended Tone Life: Maintains quality sound longer than uncoated strings.
  • Versatile Application: Excellent for both studio recording and live performances.
  • Suitable for Every Guitarist: Perfect for players at all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.


Gauge: 11-49

Collection: Nanoweb

Construction: Round Wound

Wrap Material: Nickel Plated

Electric Strings

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