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Dave Gilmour Mounting Bracket for Mini Toggle Switch

Dave Gilmour Mounting Bracket for Mini Toggle Switch


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David Gilmour Black Strat Switch Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket allows you to retrofit your guitar with a David Gilmour style mini toggle switch. Gilmour's famous black Strat featured a recessed mini-toggle switch in between the volume and tone pots, allowing him to engage the bridge pickup in the neck position, as well as turning all three pickups on at once.

This cool little mod gives you that 'quack' of a Tele-style guitar on your Strat, as well as adding another tone option when you select to have all three pickups on. It's a simple modification, but will further increase the versatility of your Strat, already considered to be one of the most flexible guitars out there.

How to Fit

Installation of this bracket is incredible simple, just remove your scratchplate, take off the first volume and tone pot, fit the bracket to the underside of the scratchplate then refit your pots!

The mounting bracket will fit pretty much and Fender and Squier Strat, and allows the toggle switch to be recessed slightly which stops you accidentally switching it on when making changes to your volume or tone knobs.

Dave Gilmour Strat Sound

Even if you're not a Floyd-fan, this great little modification can make any Strat style guitar into a proper tone machine. Great for spicing up your guitar sound with minimal modification!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent bracket but needs two things:

The bracket is excellent and does the job, but two additional things are needed:

1. A to-scale drill template. It is **really** hard to figure out exactly where to drill the slot for the switch.

2. A washer of identical thickness for the 2nd tone pot, so its height is the same as the other two pots. I was lucky to have one to hand, but even then I had to Dremel the washer hole slightly bigger.

James Buchanan

The mod worked perfectly.