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Daddario Instrument Care Kit

Daddario Instrument Care Kit


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D'Addario Instrument Care Kit

The D'Addario Instrument Care Kit delivers everything you need to keep your guitar in tip shop shape. Perfect for setups and cleaning, this kit includes a neck cradle plus cleaning and care products for all aspects of your instrument.

Guitar Cleaner

Ensuring your guitar is clean is key to a long lifespan. Instruments that don't receive the proper care will have parts that wear away, resulting in serious issues that affect playability. It may seem like a chore, but cleaning your guitar is just as important as changing your strings, learning your scales, or working on your phrasing.

Fret Polishing

Over time your frets accumulate dirt and grime, which can result in a slightly 'gritty' feel to them, particularly noticeable when bending strings. It's not something you need to do every time you change strings, but if you notice a change in your playing feel or even spot hints of tarnish on your frets, polishing them can give your guitar a new lease of life.

Guitar Fretboard Conditioner

Conditioning your fretboard is the act of rehydrating the wood to give a better playing feel and better look to your guitar. When you sweat all over your guitar, it dries and evaporates, causing the wood itself to become dehydrated. This can lead to cracks developing as well as marks and stains that if left untreated become unremovable. This build up of dirt and grease can also cause permanent damage to the fretboard in particularly bad cases.

Guitar String Lube

The handy applicator allows you to quickly and easily clean your strings, removing friction and promoting tone. Simply take the applicator and wipe up and down your strings before you play. As a byproduct it will also condition your fretboard, enhancing the look and lifespan of it.

Keep your guitar playing it's best with the D'Addario Instrument Care Kit, which comes in a handy storage case to keep all your care products in the right place.


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