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Brass Nut for 6 String Electric Guitars 43mm

Brass Nut for 6 String Electric Guitars 43mm


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43mm Brass Nut for Electric Guitar 

Slotted solid brass nut for 6-string electric guitars, including Les Paul Style & SG (Please check dimensions before ordering).

Brass nuts provide a warmer tone, greater 'attack', and resonance



Length: 43mm

Thickness: 6mm

Height: 9.9mm

String Spacing: 34mm

Material: Brass

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Customer Reviews

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Alex Oliver
Easyish fit, does the job

I try to work with my guitars to enable it's best, optimal tone. I had previously tried tusk with this one, as I had fitted a Duesenberg vibrato. The idea being good tone and slippery for moving strings. It fell short on both counts.
Then I was reminded that frets are metal and that open string tone will match fretted notes better with a metal nut. So on went this brass item. String spacing is spot on. I had to adjust the overall height as the string height at the first fret was erring towards slide settings.
It was a few mm but brass is easily workable - keeping it straight was hardest so I clamped the file in the vice and rubbed the nut on that. The action is back to where it was - absolute minimum height allowing for healthy movement of 09s. It somehow feels eminently more playable. Tone is good as I use open strings in chords and hammer/pull-off runs. The vibrato may take a little setlling (it's new strings too) but so far it doesn't pull madly out of tune. Probably one of the most sensible mods you can do to any metal fretted instrument. OK so frets are nickel, but the difference between them and a brass nut are barely detectable if indeed they exist. Even on sustained notes with clean signal. Thanks - hey it was cheap too!