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Barrel String Tree for Stratocaster Telecaster 5.0mm High

Barrel String Tree for Stratocaster Telecaster 5.0mm High


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Gotoh string guide for use on Stratocaster/Telecaster guitars.

String trees are a necessary addition to most guitars that don't have an angled headstock. Essentially, they increase the string’s break angle (the angle a string makes where it bends over a nut or a bridge) and ensure that the strings won’t come unseated in the nut slot. The added pressure also means you'll get more sustain when the string is played open.

These barrel style roller string guides offer greatly reduced friction compared to the traditional butterfly style sting guides, meaning the strings return to pitch more accurately during bending and tremolo use

Overall, string trees are a vital component for guitar with a straight headstock design. It is a very simple component that can significantly help tuning stability.

Height: 5mm - typically used on G and D strings


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Customer Reviews

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John Ashburn
CV50 mod

Took off the cheap looking metal disc and fitted this barrel string tree - fits straight on and maintains tension whilst allowing some movement when bending strings - small mod but well worth it