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Artec Vintage Tone Booster on Board Circuit for Electric Guitars

Artec Vintage Tone Booster on Board Circuit for Electric Guitars


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Artec VTC Vintage Tone Booster On Board Circuit

Unlock a world of tonal possibilities with this onboard guitar modification. The Artec VTC delivers robust bass response, generous volume, and crystal-clear trebles, all while maintaining an open mid-range. Twist the knob leftward for a pristine, treble-rich guitar sound, or turn it to the right to infuse your tone with the warmth of natural tube-driven overdrive.

Its user-friendly push-pull knob design allows you to disengage the circuit effortlessly, letting your instrument's inherent character shine through. Crafted with noise reduction in mind, the Artec VTC is engineered to accentuate your guitar's innate sound qualities.


  • Effortlessly enhance your guitar's tonal range
  • Powerful bass response, clear trebles, and open mid-range
  • Dial left for clean, treble-rich tones, right for natural tube-driven overdrive
  • User-friendly push-pull knob design for quick circuit disengagement
  • Noise reduction for enhanced natural sound
  • Long-lasting battery life: over 7000 hours of continuous use
  • Compatible with both passive and active pickups
  • Simple installation with just 4 solder points—easier than it looks!


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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Clark
Sounds awesome

Great bit of kit. Almost like have a treble boost but in your guitar!