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Artec Splendor LP Humbucker Pickups with Alnico V Magnets

Artec Splendor LP Humbucker Pickups with Alnico V Magnets


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Artec Splendor Humbucker Pickup with Alnico V Magnets

Based on the vintage P.A.F. designs of old, this 'Open Top' Humbucker is a classic pickup, offering authentic vintage tone and warmth with a full, even response. Capable of grinding, punchy Blues & Rock, and lovely rolled-off Jazz cleans.

Utilising an AlNiCo magnet will always produce a more open and dynamic tone, than can be found with typical ceramic magnets. And the AlNiCo V magnets to provide a more powerful, attacking tone with a full bottom-end. The 'open-top' offers a more raw, and slightly brighter tone than a covered pickup!

This set has a moderate output to let your instrument overdrive naturally when you crank your amp, and avoids the pitfalls of many 'over-wound' pickups that can mask a guitars natural character.

Another classic, with a quality of tone you’d expect to hear on a high-end guitar, but at a realistic price-point. Perfect for your upgrade or custom build project.


  • High output, vintage sounding Alnico V magnets
  • Brass backed
  • Double wax potted for reduced noise & feedback
  • 5 conductor wires for coil tapping
  • Alnco V magnets
  • Supplied with mounting screws and springs

Output Neck: 7.9K

Output Bridge: 8.4K

Pole spacing Neck: 50mm • Pole spacing Bridge: 52mm

Pickups supplied with free black flat mounting surrounds.


Anico V Magnets

DC Resistance neck: 7.9 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 8.4 KΩ

Anico V magnets

4 Conductor Wires for Coil Splitting

Active: No

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