Discover the Wilkinson R Series Pickups - A Fusion of Classic & Modern Sound! Experience Unmatched Clarity, Rich Tones & Harmonic Response. Ideal for Guitarists Seeking Versatility & Expression.

  • R Series

    The Wilkinson R series is a comprehensive range of vibrato bridges designed to provide guitarists with the best possible performance and modern upgrades while still maintaining the essence of the original vibrato bridge from the 1950s. These bridges feature high-quality construction and precision engineering, offering improvements such as smoother operation and better tuning stability

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    Experience the Superior Tone of Wilkinson Pro Series Pickups! Impeccable Craftsmanship Meets Vintage-inspired Design for Exceptional Sonic Performance. Ideal for Discerning Guitarists Seeking Premium Quality & Versatility

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    Wilkinson’s Platinum series represent a range of well priced pickups for the guitarist and bassist, offering superb construction combined with high quality materials and long-term reliable performance.

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