Introducing Pheorotone

Introducing Pheorotone

Welcome to another feature at Northwest Guitars, where passion meets craftsmanship.

In this post, we are excited to shine a spotlight on our enduring partnership with Pherotone, a boutique guitar workshop led by the talented Mark Evans. Over the years, Pherotone has consistently turned to our high-quality nitrocellulose products to create some stunning guitar finishes.

Mark & the guys at Pherotone have been doing some seriously cool stuff with our paints and has put together a bunch of awesome tutorial videos that really show off what you can do with the right techniques and a bit of creativity.

From achieving that perfectly aged rustic look to crafting glossy, showroom-style finishes, and even mixing up some unique coluor combos, he covers it all. He’s also a wizard with combining different products and painting methods to get just the right effect. Dive into some of their most watched videos below and get inspired to try some new ideas on your own projects!

Candy Apple Red with Black Grain Filler 

In this video, Mark breaks down how to nail that gorgeous transparent candy apple red finish. He'll let you in on all the products you need, plus the techniques and tools that'll get you there.

NWG Products you'll need:

Nitro Candy Apple Red Kit 

Sander Sealer
Nitrocellulose Clear Gloss

How to Spray Nitro over a Poly Finish

Have you ever wanted to spray nitrocellulose over poly? The thing to consider when spraying nitrocellulose over polyurethane or a polyester guitar finish is that the nitro will need to key to the surface it's being sprayed to. Mark takes you through the steps you'll need to get the best results. 

NWG Products you'll need:

Sanding Sealer

Wet & Dry Paper

Olympic White

Check out Pherotone's YouTube Channel here for more cool guitar building ideas.

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