Guitar Necks Are Back

Guitar Necks Are Back

It's about time! Our guitar necks are back in stock and we have more variety than ever! Not sure which one to choose? Don't Fret! Let's take a look at some of our favourites, from sleek, unfinished Tele Necks to eye-catching Roasted Maple Strat Necks.

Stratocaster Necks

All of our necks are made from hand selected, A grade North American wood to ensure outstanding quality and performance. Crafted for precise compatibility, our necks are perfect replacements for genuine Fender models, including MIA, MIM, MIJ & Squier. Whether you're looking for an upgrade, a replacement part or adding to a new build, our necks are unbeatable.

Eric Clapton Spec Strat Neck

Carefully designed to match the spec of Eric Clapton's own Strat, this neck is fast and comfortable, with a medium V profile. Whether you play like Clapton, or just love the look of this classic Strat neck - like it's namesake, it's one of the best!

SRV Compatible Strat Neck

Baed on the Blues legend's very own Strat, this neck has a beautiful rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlays and a vintage gloss finish. It's D Shape profile is firm and comfortable, perfect for bends and licks worthy of Stevie Ray Vaughn himself.

Roasted Maple Neck

This striking neck is a new addition to our range and by far my favourite. Just like our standard maple neck, if it had just taken a 2 week holiday in Spain. it has a Modern C profile and medium jumbo frets - perfect for versatile players who like to mix up their style.

Telecaster Necks

Just like our Strat necks, these are all made out of A grade North American wood and are fully compatible with genuine Fender's, as well as our own bespoke, top quality Tele style bodies.

Flame Maple Neck

This flame maple neck has a truly unique look, for fans of glam rock and hair metal who love to stand out, I feel this could be the one for you! With a modern C profile, natural gloss finish and 21 medium jumbo frets; what more could you need?

Vintage Spec Neck

An absolute classic, this vintage spec maple neck has a slightly smaller fret size, modern C profile and a timeless vintage gloss finish. This neck pairs really well with vintage amber, black gloss and candy apple red bodies, but above all - it plays fantastic.

What's Necks?

Hopefully this helped you find the right neck for you, if not check out our full range and find one that's perfect for you! If you've decided on your neck, how about having a look at our range of Fender style bodies.

Let us know what you'd like to see in our next blog and keep an eye on our social media for a sneak peak at some big things coming in next week at Northwest Guitars!

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