The Most Esssential Luthier Tools

The Most Esssential Luthier Tools

Whether you're a hobby builder, making custom spec guitars for clients, or just a guitarist looking to maintain and care for your own instrument; our range of luthier tools and supplies offer everything you need!

Maintenance kits

Maintenance kits are great for guitarists who are new to setting up or repairing their guitar and haven't yet amassed the basic tools.

We've got a range of kits, with varying different tools - so let's have a look at some of our favourites.

Fender Custom Shop Guitar/Maintenance Tool Kit

Specifically designed for electric instruments, the Custom Shop Tool kit keeps things simple with a convneient collection of the most essential and commonly used tools in guitar repair and maintenence.

The kit includes, a five-in-one screwdriver with a special 4mm hex adpter for truss rod adjustment, 1/2" nut driver for input jacks, custom hex wrenches for saddle adjustments, a ruler, diagnoal cutter, capo, feeler gauges and a string winder. It comes neatly packaged in a polyester pouch, perfect to take with you in your case or gig bag.

D'Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Cleaning/Maintenance Kit

Want a little more from your maintenance kit? The Hurricane Kit includes everything Nita Strauss uses to keep her guitars in fighting form. The items inside ensure you can do the same—clean, maintain, tune, and restring your axe using the same products that travel with Nita to hundreds of gigs a year.

Ernie Ball Guitar Maintenance Tool Kit

A no nonsense kit for all the basic guitar maintenance jobs. This all-in-one kit inlcudes Polish Cloth, Wonder Wipes, Heavy Duty String Cutter, Peg Winder, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler and Durable Hex Wrench Set.

Multi Tools

Multi tools are convenient space savers, giving you access to a mutlitude of essential tools all in one pocket.

Ibanez Multi Tool

Made of rugged plastic, this multi tool will fit easily into your case or gig bag and has everything you might need at your next gig. The tools included are:

Hex Wrenches (5mm,4mm,3mm,2.5mm,1.5mm)

Tube Spanner (7mm)

Screwdriver: Phillips-head (Large)

Screwdriver: Phillips-head (Small)

Screwdriver: Slot-head

Ruler: 50mm

Dunlop System 65 Multi Tool

Whether you need to adjust your truss rod, remove your pickguard, or adjust your string action and pickup height, this gig bag necessity will accommodate almost any instrument. Tools included are:

9 Hex Key attatchments (6 metric & 3 standard)

Screwdriver: Phillips-head

Screwdriver: Flathead (2.5mm)

Socket Wrench (8mm)

Cleaners & Polish

There's no better feeling than having a nice clean fretboard, free from muck and dust that builds up all too quickly. We've got a range of cleaners and polish to keep your instrument looking and feeling fresh.

Fender American Pro Guitar Polish & Cloth

Maintain your guitar's shine and lsuter with this polish and cloth. Fender's custom polish formula works to increase the gloss and depth of your guitar's finish, while resisting dust, sweat, grime and the worst of all... Fingerprints. The two sided cloth, is lint resistent, perfect for applying this top quality polish.

Dunlop Fretboard Care Kit

Exclusively for 'dark wood' fretboards, Rosewood, Ebony etc. This two step kit contains cleaner/prep and deep conditioner for keeping your fretboard clean, hydrated and safe from damage that can occur with a build up of dirt and grease.

Other Tools of the Trade

Aside from the kits, multi tools and cleaners, we also stock tools for specific jobs, such as Fret Wire, Nut Files, Binding/Purflings, Truss Rods and more.

If you'd like to see a guide or blog on neck adjustment, fretwork or any other maintenance repairs; email us at:

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