Grover Machine Heads | 100 years of precision tuning

Grover Machine Heads | 100 years of precision tuning

When it comes to fine-tuning your musical experience, few components are as crucial as the machine heads. Choosing the right set of mahcine heads to ensure your guitar stays precisely in tune, is something well spend a lot of time pondering. Among the plethora of options available, Grover machine heads have achieved iconic status in the guitar industry. With a history spanning over a century, Grover has consistently delivered high-quality tuning solutions that cater to the diverse needs of musicians. So let's delve into the features and merits of some of the specific Grover machine head models we're currently stocking!

GR102 Rotomatic Tuners

The GR102 Rotomatic Tuners stand as a testament to Grover's commitment to innovation. These tuners feature their staple Rotomatic design, which includes a larger gear ratio for smoother and more accurate tuning adjustments. The ratio of 18:1 offers fine-tuning capabilities that are essential for achieving the perfect pitch. The durability of the GR102 tuners is also noteworthy, as they are crafted to withstand the rigors of the road and the demands of frequent tuning changes. Aesthteically, these tuners are sleek and timeless meaning they look at home on a variety of different guitars!

135 Vintage Tuners

For those of you with traditional sensiblities, the vintage look of these machine heads is unmatched. However, their nostalgic appearance doesn't result in a compromise in qulaity; these tuners blend their vintage aesthetic with modern technology to provide cutting edge precision tuning.

105C Imperial Tuners

The distinctive design of these elegant Imperial Tuners is only one aspect of what makes them stand out! Their 14:1 ratio makes for an intuitive tuning experience, favoured by fans of more traditional guitars. They're also extremely durable and easy to install, so once you've added this touch of class to your guitar, you won't look back!

Keystone Rotomatic Tuners

The Keystone Rotomatic machine heads represent Grover's take on a traditional design, infused with modern engineering. The keystone-shaped buttons add a touch of visual flair while providing an ergonomic grip for precise tuning adjustments. Similarly to the GR102s, these Keystone's continue the Rotomatic legacy, boasting an 18:1 gear ratio that ensures accurate and stable tuning across the fretboard.

Roto-Grip Locking Tuners 505VF

A seamless upgrade for your vintage Fenders, these Grovers are a game changer! Designed with locking mechanisms, these tuners eliminate the need for multiple string windings, which can often lead to string slippage and subsequent tuning issues. The locking feature enhances intonation and tuning stability, making these tuners a favorite among guitarists who frequently use vibrato techniques or play in alternate tunings


In their 100 plus years of experience, Grover have proven time and again that their innovation and engineering never cease to deliver on tuning excellence. Favoured by professionals world over, it's easy to see how Grover have etched their name into guitar history.

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