Best Guitar Strap Locks - The Ultimate Guide

Best Guitar Strap Locks - The Ultimate Guide

Making sure your guitar is secure is not something we guitarists often think about, because quite frankly it's not as sexy as a new pedal or set of pickups. But if you've got an expensive or treasured instrument, investment in a decent set of the best guitar strap locks can save you some serious pain in the long run.

If you've ever watched one of those guitar spin fail videos you'll wince in sympathy every time a guitar slams into the floor. You might laugh but damaging a brand new instrument is one of the worst feelings in the world and you don't even need to be trying some outrageous showmanship for this kind of thing to happen.

Why Buy Strap Locks?

Many guitars get broken falling off straps, usually a case of a worn strap hole or a strap pin that's too small. A strap lock takes away that risk, by securely clamping your guitar to your strap.

How Do Strap Locks Work?

The majority of strap locks will require you to change your existing strap buttons with a set of locking button. It's a simple process that should only require a screwdriver, however if you have differing size screws then it might be time to break out the tools and re-drill the holes to fit the new set of buttons.

Guitar Strap Locks

It's a fairly simple modification to do, just be sure to check the gauge of each screw against the other before attempting any drilling. That way you'll be certain you have the right size, and won't damage your guitar forcing thicker or longer screws into place.

Buying Considerations

For the most part there's not much to consider when buying the best guitar strap locks. It's likely due to the strap lock design you won't be able to change straps quickly, something to consider if that's your bag. You also might find strap length adjustment more difficult, particularly with leather guitar straps.


The Best Guitar Strap Locks

Now that we know a little more about strap locks, let's have a look at some of the best offerings from the Northwest Guitar Parts Shop!

Schaller S Locks

The original and still the best, Schaller S-Locks are one of the best known strap lock brands in the world, with a unique strap lock system that ensures your guitar is always in place.

Schaller Strap Locks

Combining a slanted locking bolt, extended thread length, pantented lock wheel, and a 2 hole mount for tightening with an allen key, these state of the art strap locks are probably the most secure way you can attach a strap to your guitar!

Shop Schaller S-Locks here.

Fender Infinity Guitar Strap Locks

Coming in range of cool colours, Fender Infinity Guitar Strap Locks will make sure your guitar is safe no matter how wild your showmanship. Adorned with the famous Fender 'F' logo, these are great for matching to a Fender guitar for a complete look.

Fender Strap Locks

A unique side-pinch release mechanism makes quick changes a breeze, unlike some of the more complicated lock systems on this list. The 360 degree rotation gives a super secure locking design, and the buttons, locks, and mounting hardware is all included.

Shop Fender Infinity Guitar Strap Locks here.

Northwest Guitars Straplocks

Our very own Northwest Guitars Strap Locks are based upon a design that is similar to Schaller's, but coming in at a much cheaper price point. We've prided ourselves on delivering brilliant guitar gear to the community for well over ten years, so you can rely on us to give you a great product.

Northwest Guitars Strap Locks

These strap locks come in three different colours so you can match your guitar hardware's existing finish. Their super-durable and can be used on both electric and acoustic guitars, just make sure if you're adding straplocks to an acoustic you drill into the frame reinforcement and not the open frame!

Shop Northwest Guitars Straplocks here.

DiMarzio Cliplock Strap and Strap Lock System

Although typically falling under the category of guitar straps, the DiMarzio ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Strap is actually a fully fledged strap lock system in itself. Used by Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Steve Morse it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular strap locks out there.

DiMarzio Cliplock Strap Locks

The ingenuity in DiMarzio's system lies in that you can switch straps quickly, leaving the ends attached to the guitar thanks to the solid plastic clip system. Strong enough to hold over 150 pounds it comes with two sturdy bushings and some extra long screws, it will fit on the majority of electric guitars and basses.

Shop DiMarzio ClipLock here.

Ernie Ball Guitar Straplocks

Proudly proclaiming to be the "best looking strap locks", Ernie Ball Super Locks Guitar Strap Locks are essential buying for anyone who's serious about looking after their guitar.

Ernie Ball Strap Locks

Emblazoned with the iconic Ernie Ball logo, they're available in a range of colours and come with heavy duty strap buttons and locking mechanism. As you'd expect from any Ernie Ball product, these are top quality bits of guitar gear.

Shop Ernie Ball Guitar Strap Locks here.

Jim Dunlop Guitar Mount Straplocks

With a reputation for making high quality guitar accessories, Jim Dunlop's Straplok Strap Retainer System are a robust strap lock with a small footprint. These strap locks come as standard equipment on many top end electric guitars and basses.

Dunlop Strap Locks

The kit included everything you need to install yourself, and the flush mount system means that they lend a subtle look to your instrument, unlike some strap locks which can stick out a bit. Their dual design button lets you use it without the Dunlop Straplok connector if you wish!

Shop Jim Dunlop Straplok Strap Retainer System here.

Fender Security Strap Locks

If you want something minimalistic that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, then Fender Security Guitar Strap Locks are the one's for you! These low profile strap locks will ensure your guitar stays put through any theatrics.

Fender Strap Locks

The package includes felt washers to prevent damage to your guitar's finish and includes buttons, locks, and mounting hardware too. Available in three different colours, these security locks are a great option from the big 'F'.

Shop Fender Security Strap Locks here.

In Conclusion

So there we have it, the best guitar strap locks available today. If you're serious about keeping your instrument in top shape or putting a cracking show at your next gig, then you need a set of strap locks in your life!

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