Best Guitar Maintenance Kits - The Ultimate Guide

Best Guitar Maintenance Kits - The Ultimate Guide

Maintaining your guitar is just as important as playing it, so it’s important to ensure your instrument is always at its best with the best guitar maintenance kits. These kits contain everything you need to ensure your guitar plays its best, making string changes rapid fire and set-up adjustments a breeze.

Keeping your guitar in top shape is the key to great playability, and with the correct setup, even a cheap, beginner-level instrument can play like a dream. Maintaining your guitar will also help it retain its value should you decide to resell it later down the line.

Learning to setup your own instrument is a great skill to have as a guitar player, meaning you can quickly get on top of any issues as they arise, instead of relying on your local guitar tech to sort it. Most issues are easily solvable with adjustments to the truss rod, string action, and intonation. If you’re not clued up on those, then make sure to check out our Guitar Setup Guide when you get your maintenance kit for a walkthrough!

What You Will Need

For the most part the best guitar maintenance kits all contain similar items, which are necessities for any guitar maintenance and setup work. Some of these might already be in your toolbox, whereas some are specific tools for use with the guitar, so make sure when buying your guitar maintenance kit you have everything you need!


The Best Guitar Maintenance Kits

Now that we know what we need, lets have a look at some of the best guitar maintenance kits available today. Each of these kits contains a variety of items, from basic string changes right through to full fledged guitar tech-level setup work. Depending on your experience you may want to go for something simpler, or you might want to dive straight into the hardcore stuff!

Fender Custom Shop Guitar Maintenance Kit

The Fender Custom Shop Guitar Maintenance Kit contains all the basics you need for string changes and setup work. Designed for electric and bass guitars, this kit comes in a handy storage pouch emblazoned with the Fender Custom Shop logo, so everyone can see how pro you are!

Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit

The five-in-one screwdriver with 4mm hex adapter makes light work of any adjustments to bridge saddles, tremolos, and truss rods. You can even sort that pesky output jack with the 1/2” nut driver. The included capo helps with string action adjustments alongside a set of feeler gauges whilst the Groovetech string winder makes string changes breezy.

There’s even a handy Fender setup guide on the back of the ruler which tells you common string heights for Fender guitars. If you’ve got any kind of Fender guitar then the Fender Custom Shop Guitar Maintenance Kit will ensure your instrument is playing its absolute best.

Shop Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit here.

Jim Dunlop Guitar Complete Setup Maintenance Tool Kit

Jim Dunlop’s Guitar Complete Setup Maintenance Tool Kit has all the usual suspects included, plus some less usual tools that will be super handy for the regularly gigging musician or hard working guitar tech. Coming in a hardy carry case, these top quality tools will get your guitar playing its best in no time!

Dunlop Maintenance Kit

As well as your topical string cutters string winder, and polishing cloths you also get the Superlube Gel Pen for making sure moving parts are well lubricated, a Multi Tool with various appendages, fret collars for doing a fret polish, and even a handy light for doing work in dingy venues backstage.

It’s one of the most complete guitar maintenance kits on this list, and the case is small enough that it will easily fit into a backpack or the pouch on your guitar case. With Jim Dunlop you know you’re getting a top quality product, and the Jim Dunlop Guitar Complete Setup Maintenance Tool Kit gives you everything you need for a pro setup.

Shop Jim Dunlop Guitar Complete Setup Maintenance Tool Kit here.

Ernie Ball Guitar Maintenance Tool Kit

Ernie Ball’s Guitar Maintenance Tool Kit has a plethora of products that will keep your instrument in perfect playing condition. Make certain the intonation is spot on and action adjustments accurate with the included high-quality tools, all presented in handy carrying case.

Ernie Ball Maintenance Kit

A full complement of Allen (hex) wrenches mean you’ll be able to make adjustments on pretty much any instrument. The six-in-one screwdriver allows you to adjust the vast majority of guitars too, from bridge saddles to scratchplate screws to output jacks. The included Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes make sure that once your instrument is properly setup, it looks its best too!

Ernie Ball is well known for making top quality guitar accessories and the Ernie Ball Guitar Maintenance Tool Kit is no exception, the string cutters in particular are very heavy duty and certain to stand the test of time. It’s a little more basic than some of the others on this list but is a great choice for those who don’ want to get overwhelmed with too much too soon.

Shop Ernie Ball Guitar Maintenance Tool Kit here.

D’Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Not content with slaying the guitar world with her rocking riffs and shredding solos, Nita Strauss has also found the time to put together her perfect guitar maintenance kit. The D’Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Cleaning and Maintenance Kit has everything you need to keep your guitar in fighting form, and the hand carry case even glows in the dark so you’ll never lose it!

D'Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Kit

This handy pack contains some great cleaning products, including the D’Addario Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner and D’Addario XLR8 String Cleaner, which will have your instrument playing like new in no time. There’s even a handy D’Addario Eclipse Clip-on Tuner to ensure you get those intonation adjustments spot on.

With the D’Addario String Height Gauge, Pro-Winder, and Multi-Tool completing this kit, you’re getting the same products that travel with Nita Strauss to hundreds and hundreds of gigs every year. These award-winning accessories make the D’Addario Nita Strauss Hurrcane Cleaning and Maintenance Kit a top notch choice for all your guitar maintenance needs.

Shop D’Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Cleaning and Maintenance Kit here.

Fender ‘The Arch’ Guitar Workstation

Sometimes you can get caught short at a show or on the road, and that’s where the Fender ‘The Arch’ Guitar Workstation comes in. A conveniently packaged all-in-one workstation, it features everything you need to make quick and easy adjustments to your guitar, wherever you find yourself.

Fender The Arch Workstation

The ultra-stable ‘The Arch’ neck rest is made of TPE rubber, safe for nitro finishes whilst non-slip TPE rubber feet make certain your guitar stays where you need it. The included rubber base doubles as both a rest for the body of the guitar, or as a handy tray for holding any stray parts.

The Fender ‘The Arch’ Guitar Workstation doesn’t come with any additional tools, so is better suited to the guitar player that already has a complement of setup tools, or wants to combine it with another package on this list to make an ideal mobile guitar maintenance station. The faux leather pouch is large enough to hold a wide variety of setup bits.

Shop Fender ‘The Arch’ Guitar Workstation here.

Jim Dunlop Complete Tech Pack Maintenance Tool Kit

If you’re serious about setups then look no further than the Jim Dunlop Complete Tech Pack Maintenance Tool Kit. It has absolutely everything you need to give your guitar or bass a professional setup, as well as some of Jim Dunlop’s renowned cleaning products you also get a full complement of tools that make any adjustment easy.

Jim Dunlop Complete Maintenance Kit

The included fret collars, lube applicator, magnetic screw tin, torch and knob puller set this apart from other kits on this list, the type of tools you’d only find in a professional guitar tech’s kit. As well as these you also get all the standard bits like string cutters, multi-tool, two string winders and a set of cloths to keep your guitar playing its best.

The included soft touch workman and Jim Dunlop Neck Cradle mean that with the Jim Dunlop Complete Tech Pack Maintenance Tool Kit you’ll never need to look for tools to setup your guitar again. The handy storage pouch allows you to keep everything safe and sound whilst the included System 65 Cleaning Kit means your instrument will look its best as well as play great!

Shop Jim Dunlop Complete Tech Pack Maintenance Tool Kit here.

D’Addario Bass Guitar Maintenance Kit

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the bass guitar players out there! Bass guitars require a heavier duty string winder and neck cradle as well as larger adjustment tools thanks to their size, and thankfully the D’Addario Bass Guitar Maintenance Kit gives you everything you need to keep your low end tight!

As well as a handy storage pouch you also get a non-slip protective work mat, D’Addario fret polishing system, lubrication for moving parts, multi-tool, and a string height gauge. The included D’Addario NS Capo Lite makes easy work of string height adjustments and the string winder doubles as a set of string cutters too!

The D’Addario Bass Guitar Maintenance Kit is an innovative guitar maintenance kit that’s perfect for the lovers of low end out there. With a range of D’Addario’s high quality tools, this handy guitar maintenance kit will keep your bass guitar in tip top condition.

Shop D’Addario Bass Guitar Maintenance Kit here.

In Conclusion

Once you’ve gotten yourself the best guitar maintenance kit and got your instrument set up with our Guitar Setup Guide, you’ll be ready to rock! Any of these kits on the list will serve you well thanks to their high quality tools, cleaning products, and handy storage to ensure you’re ready for anything, whether you’re gigging at your local venue or going on a full-fledged tour.

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