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Wired 3-way Telecaster Control Plate Chrome

Wired 3-way Telecaster Control Plate Chrome


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Telecaster Compatible Fully Loaded Control Plate - USA Standard

Our pre-wired Telecaster control plate (USA Standard) consists of some of the best components available, and is perfect for improving the overall tone and performance of your Tele, whether that be a genuine Fender® model, a Squier or an import-style guitar.


The loaded control plate is a direct replacement for genuine Fender guitars, and is also compatible with Squier/import instruments (but it's worth checking the dimensions of your existing control plate if you have an import-style Telecaster). 

We've taken care of all the intricate wiring here, so all that's left to do is hook up your existing pickups. As each pickup typically has only 2 wires (Live & ground) even those who aren't too confident with a soldering iron can have this piece of kit up and running in under 20 minutes. For an in-depth guide on how to install the fully loaded Telecaster Compatible Control Plate lease refer to our video guide on wiring a USA Telecaster.

The Telecaster Compatible Control Plate includes:

  • NW Guitars Control Plate (Fender Compatible)
  • 2. 250K CTS Audio Taper Pots (10% tolerance)
  • 1 x Capacitor 
  • 1 x CRL USA 3-way Switch
  • 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' Jack Socket
  • Gavitt Vintage Cloth Push-Back Wire

CTS Audio Taper Pots

CTS pots are typically used by higher-end guitar builders and techs but this is not due to any difference in tone. The main reason cited for using CTS pots is that they will last longer due to a more sturdy construction, and for that reason, you’ll often find them used in USA-made guitars and guitar gear.

We supply audio taper pots for both volume and tone as these produce a smoother and more rounded sweep. All pots are metered and matched to ensure a perfect balance of tone and volume across all switch positions.

Your choice of Capacitor

Select from top-tier brands in the guitar modification arena. Our collection includes Sprague Orange Drops, Sozo Polyester Caps, MOD Electrics Oil-Filled Caps, and Jupiter Bumblebee Paper-in-Oil Caps.

Explore our detailed blog for further insights on capacitors and their roles here

Switchcraft Mono Output Jack

Large guitar manufacturers will very often cut corners by using cheaper components, particularly on the input jack. Switchcraft has a great reputation for using only the highest quality materials in their components, providing a significant durability and performance upgrade over cheaper parts. 

Optional Treble Bleed Upgrade

This 0.001uF capacitor together with a 130k resistors are soldered to your volume control, resulting in a more uniform sweep from 1-10 and preventing treble loss at lower volumes.

Cloth Push-Back Wire

Push-back cloth wire features regularly on high-end and vintage guitars, providing easy usability for neat wiring jobs. It's double insulated to prevent you from burning through the outer wire and there's no need for wire stripping thanks to its push-back design.

Will this fit my guitar?

This pre-wired kit is compatible with USA, MIM and Japanese Telecaster models. It will also fit the majority of import-style Telecaster models, although we'd recommend checking the dimensions of the control plate first, as some import models have a slightly fatter control plate. 

All of our kits come with an easy-to-follow wiring diagram. For help installing the fully loaded Telecaster-compatible control plate please refer to our video guide on Wiring a Telecaster

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Great harness, great price

Got a prebuilt harness for a vintage tele Im working on and its great, paired it with some oute vintage 64 pickups and jobs a goodun! Fast diapatch