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Wilkinson WTB Telecaster Compatible Ash-Tray Bridge Brass Saddles

Wilkinson WTB Telecaster Compatible Ash-Tray Bridge Brass Saddles


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Wilkinson Telecaster Compatible Bridge with Compensated Brass Saddles

One of the most popular Telecaster upgrades out there, the Wilkinson Telecaster Compatible Bridge combines all of Trev Wilkinson design ethos offering a vast improvement on the bridges that come as standard on Tele-style guitars. It comes supplied with colour matched screws and an allen key for adjusting the saddles.

Compensated Brass Saddles

Brass saddles are amongst the best materials out there when it comes to bridge saddles design. This is because they impart a warm tonality that isn't too bright, whilst being hard enough to not suffer from wear over time and deliver excellent intonation properties.

Stamped Steel

The base plate is made from stamped steel, just like the original Telecaster bridges were. This gives you fantastic durability and reliable performance from the off, delivering sustain and tone enhancements for your instrument.

Dual Loading Bridge Design

This bridge is dual loading, so you can have your strings as top loading or string thru. There are various reasons you might choose either, so having both as an option is a pretty good deal!

String Thru

When using a string thru bass bridge, you'll have increased tension versus that of a top loading bridge, which some players prefer as it gives you a more stable playing platform, particularly when you're plucking with your fingers. It really comes down to personal preference which you prefer, as both will sound equally great, just different.

Top Loading

When top loading, the strings are top mounted to the back of the bridge, which means a slightly lesser string tension than that of a through body. This will make the guitar sound more resonant and lively, which some players prefer over string-thru style bridges.

Wilkinson Compensated Tele Compatible Bridge

There's a good reason the Wilkinson WTB is one of the best selling Tele compatible bridges out there, it fits the vast majority of genuine Fender guitars, imports, and makes a great start point for any brand new Tele-style builds as well.

WTB Specifications

  • String Spacing 10.8mm (54mm E to E)
  • Base Plate Material - Steel
  • Saddle Material - Brass
  • String Mounting - String Thru or Top Loader


String Spacing: 10.8mm

String Spacing E to E: 54mm

For Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Callaghan
Great service great product!

Having bought from you before I was looking forward to shopping with you again. The Wilkinson tele bridge I bought is really excellent quality. Especially so given the low price. The brass saddles are very well machined and the nickel plating on the bridge itself is flawless. My tele is a top loader so it’s great that the Wilkinson bridge allows for this option as well as string through. This is the last piece to finish my tele upgrades and I can’t wait to get it finished and see how it plays. You have a long term customer now and I’ve recommended you to everyone I know.

Rob Wagstaff
MIM Tele Bridge Swap

Straight swap on a 2018 MIM tele. I prefer the sound of brass to the standard steel block saddles. Really easy to fit and to intonate. Coupled with a new tusk XL nut the guitar sounds and play great

Marcus Hanley
Regain the sparkle!

I replaced a deteriorated jap Tele bridge with an ABM TB-1C, a well made replacement, but lost loads of top end on the low E and A strings. I wanted to decrease the mass of the base plate and the Wilkinson's is half the thickness which, matched with the brass saddles, has brought the Tele back to life. The vanishingly minor intonation issues are literally no price to pay for rejuvenating effects of this replacement!

Rick O’Hara


Steven Mcmanus
Wilkinson wtb bridge.

Proper bridge and such value for money. Only bridge I’ll use for builds.