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Wilkinson Vintage Single Coil Pickup Set

Wilkinson Vintage Single Coil Pickup Set


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Wilkinson has carved a niche in delivering exceptional guitar components without stretching budgets. The MWVS vintage style series embodies this dedication, harmonizing the timeless Strat resonance with modern touches.

Key Features:

Vintage Essence, Modern Craftsmanship

The MWVS pickups, designed with precision, encapsulate the iconic Stratocaster brilliance and sheen. While they emanate a vintage aura, they also accommodate today's guitarists, offering enhanced depth and flexibility in their sound.

Ceramic Magnets

Incorporating ceramic magnets, these single-coil pickups generate a distinct tonal combination, marked by clear highs, notable midrange, and deep lows. Their versatile tonal character caters to a wide range of musical preferences, making them ideal for enthusiasts seeking a balance between classic depth and modern sharpness.

Uniform Flat Pole Pieces

The MWVS pickups feature flat pole pieces, ensuring an even tonal output across all strings. This characteristic results in a consistent sound landscape, evident when strumming chords or playing individual notes.

Superior Construction

Staying true to the Wilkinson legacy, the MWVS pickups are crafted with top-tier materials and epitomize fine craftsmanship. Such commitment guarantees lasting resilience and unwavering performance.

Diverse Musical Affinity

Owing to their refined tonal range, these pickups exhibit versatility, seamlessly adapting across musical landscapes - be it the soulful strains of blues and jazz or the pulsating rhythms of rock and pop.


For aficionados eager to revitalize their Stratocaster's acoustic aura without a substantial investment, the Wilkinson MWVS pickups, infused with ceramic magnets and flat pole pieces, emerge as a compelling choice. They interlace vintage harmonics with the nuances of contemporary sound, appealing to a diverse musical audience.


  • Magnets: Ceramic
  • Bridge: 6.1k
  • Middle: 5.5k (RW/RP)
  • Neck: 5.4k
  • Screws & springs included

Pole Spacing:

  • Bridge: 52mm
  • Middle: 50mm
  • Neck: 50mm


DC Resistance neck: 5.4 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 5.5 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 6.1 KΩ

Ceramic magnets

2 Conductor Wires

Active: No

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Corbett
Wilkinson Vintage Single Coil Pickup Set

I have a Fender Player Series Strat which was originally configured HSS. I was looking to change the humbucker for a single coil pickup so when I came across the Wilkinson set for under thirty pounds, and you can pay a lot more than that for one pickup, I thought 'why not'. Of course I needed a new scratch plate as well, but that was only about twelve pounds. Whether or not you like the sound of something is highly subjective, but I am very happy with the sounds I can get from this Wilkinson set.