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Wilkinson Hot Ceramic Single Coil Pickup Set

Wilkinson Hot Ceramic Single Coil Pickup Set


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Wilkinson has built a reputation for crafting top-notch guitar components that don't strain the wallet. The MWHS series stands as a testament to this commitment, seamlessly blending traditional Strat tones with contemporary nuances.

Key Features:

Traditionally Rooted, Modern, Crafted Tone

Crafted meticulously, the MWHS pickups exude the beloved Stratocaster vibrancy and lustre. Enhanced with a bolder output, they're tailored for the modern guitarist desiring more depth and adaptability from their strings.

Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic magnets in these single-coil pickups bring a unique tonal blend, producing sharp highs, distinct midrange, and resonant lows. Their dynamic sound profile fits a myriad of styles, making them a go-to for those aiming for a fusion of old-school richness and contemporary crispness.

Flat Pole Pieces

The MWHS pickups utilize flat pole pieces, ensuring a smooth, even response across all strings. This design provides a consistent sound output, especially prominent when playing chord sequences and individual notes alike.

Exceptional Build Quality

In line with Wilkinson's tradition, the MWHS pickups are sculpted with premium materials, backed by precision craftsmanship. This dedication translates to enduring durability and steadfast performance.

Broad Musical Compatibility

Thanks to their nuanced tonal spectrum, these pickups are versatile, resonating beautifully across genres - from the soulful blues and jazz to the energetic beats of rock and pop.


For those aiming to rejuvenate their Stratocaster's sound without a hefty expenditure, the Wilkinson MWHS pickups, with ceramic magnets and flat pole pieces, stand out as a prime contender. They present a harmonious blend of timeless melodies and modern-day sonic demands, catering to an array of musical inclinations.


  • Magnets: Ceramic 
  • Bridge: 6.2k 
  • Middle: 5.5k (RW/RP) 
  • Neck: 5.5k
  • screws & springs included

Pole Spacing:

  • Bridge: 52mm
  • Middle: 50mm
  • Neck: 50mm


DC Resistance neck: 5.5 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 5.6 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 6.2 KΩ

Ceramic magnets

2 Conductor Wires

Active: No

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mick gough
great service thank you and the pickups are amazing ypu have a great company will be ordering mor...

great delivery service and amazing website and goods thank you all at northwest