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Tonerider Deluxe Tonerider Classic Blues Fully Loaded Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate

Tonerider Deluxe Tonerider Classic Blues Fully Loaded Stratocaster Compatible Scratchplate


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Upgrade your axe with top of the range components, and an awesome set of Tonerider Single-coil Pickups

We've got together with the guys at Tonerider to offer a range of scratchplates loaded with all the elctronics you'd find in a high end Fender, plus a choice of high quality pickups. If you're looking for an instant no mess upgrade for your axe, then this is the easiest way to do it.

Choose from a wide range of scratchplate colours, then select pickup covers and knobs and we'll assemble eveything for you here in our workshop.

All the electrics are top-of-the-range USA Made parts which include:

1 x Genuine CRL 5-way switch
3 x Genuine CTS Vintage dimple back 250 pots
1 x Genuine Sprague Orange Drop Caps 0.022uf
Vintage push-back cloth wire
1 x Mono output jack socket
All silver soldered throughout

About the pickups

In the 60s Strat pickups changed - they got a bit hotter, the magnet quality improved and started to provide a bit more snap and attack. The Classic Blues set from Tonerider nails these late 60's tones, whilst also offering the benefits of a calibrated wind for more even volume balance across all five positions. The grey fibreboard flatwork completes the 60's look. Due to advances in string technology and the wider range of modern guitar necks, the City Limits set uses our unique "Modified Vintage Stagger" polepiece magnet array allowing for near perfect string-to-string balance on the greatest range of instruments possible. The famous "Greybottom" tone, look and feel has never been easier to get.

Fast attack, great balance, smoother than our Pure Vintage set

Output: 6.1k neck, 6.5k mid, 7.0k bridge.

Magnets: Alnico V in Modified Vintage Stagger

RWRP for hum-cancelling in notch positions

Simply drop the whole scratchplate in, hook up the ground wire to the tremolo claw and you're done. No mess and no fuss!

Please note: All our scratchplates are built to order by us here in the UK. Although we try to have these built and despatched on the day you place your order, at busy times it may take us 24-48 hours.



Alnico V Magnets

DC Resistance neck: 6.3 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 6.4 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 7.0 KΩ

Alnico V magnets

Coil Tappable: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike S
Tonerider Classic Blues Loaded Scratchplate

Bought this to go into a 70s strat, well put together with tidy soldering, pickups are great, certainly on par with more expensive pickups I’ve used in the past, excellent value for money, good delivery

Punching well above their weight

I have a problem. I can't justify spending 2000 pounds on a guitar, so I have lots of cheap ones, recently I acquired a 70 quid squire, yes 40mm thickness and tatty at best, but the neck was lovely and the previous owner had set it up well, it sounded like a dog though, it was very jangly so huge brass full depth tremelo block sticking out the coverless back, and this marvelous bit of tonerider loaded plastic, yes I had to poke an extra 3 holes for the scratch plate to fit and a few snapped matchsticks strategicly inserted, bent the tone control capacitor flat so I could screw the plate down flat and voila, bugger me, it sounds great... Throaty oww tones from the split positions, batter out your rendition of Man of mystery , for me worth every penny and all the tone and expression I could want.. yeah I spent twice what the guitar cost me on the electrics, but it's brought my tatty guitar to life, great build from northwest guitars, very satisfied.