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Telecaster Compatible Guitar Neck Rosewood Fretboard Vintage Gloss

Telecaster Compatible Guitar Neck Rosewood Fretboard Vintage Gloss


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Replacement Neck for Telecaster

Northwest Guitars necks are made from hand selected, A grade North American Maple to ensure outstanding performance. Crafted for ultimate compatibility, our necks are prefect replacements for genuine Fender models, including MIA, MIM, MIJ & Squier. This makes our electric guitar necks great as an upgrade to your existing guitar, a replacement part, or as an addition to your latest brand new guitar build project

Standard Specs

To ensure easy installation and compatiblity we've made our necks with a 55.5mm (2 3/16”) wide curved heel, so you'll be sure of a nug fit in the neck pocket of your prized Strat!

We've installed pre-slotted, flat-bottom, unbleached bone nuts as standard, so great tone is assured (we dont glue these in so they're easy to pop out and shape should you feel the need).

Our headstock shapes are reminiscent of classic guitar models, but are original to NWG.

The Northwest Guitars replacement Telecaster neck, will give you the same performance and playability of the branded equivalent, at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the specifications tab for a full list of the individual specifications for this neck

North American Maple

Our North American Maple is light-coloured hardwood, fine-textured and incredibly shock resistant. Maple is used as a neck wood by the majority of major guitar manufacturers because of its robust nature and its signature bright and snappy tone. At Northwest Guitars we only use the highest quality Maple for our guitar necks, ensuring you get a top quality product.

About us

We've been making guitar necks for many years now, and our Telecaster neck is the go to for professional luthiers and hobbyist builders alike. Because they are manufactured in our own factory, we are able to keep costs relatively low, whilst still ensuring a top quality product. Everything is made by hand, offsetting the need for expensive CNC machinery, allowing us to pass on the saving to our customers.

Please Note:

We are unable to pre-drill the mounting holes into the back of the neck for you. This is because we cannot guarantee that the holes we drill will be a 100% match with those on your guitar body.

Drilling holes for guitar necks is quite simple to do, and you can find an easy to follow tutorial here.

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  • Neck Material: Maple

    Fretboard Material: Rosewood

    Skunk Stripe: Yes

    Radius: 9.5 inches

    No. of frets: 21

    Fret Size: 2.6mm (medium jumbo)

    Profile: Modern C

    Profile Thickness: 20mm @ 1st fret, 23mm @ 12th fret

    Finish: Vintage gloss

    Finish Type: Polyurethane

    Inlays: Cream

  • Side Dots: Cream

    Binding: N/A

    Nut Type: Bone nut (pre-slotted)

    Nut Width: 42mm

    Heel Depth: 26mm (15/16")

    Heel Width: 55.5mm (2 3/16"")

    Truss Rod Type: Double action

    Truss Rod Access: Headstock (4.5mm Allen wrench)

    Tuner Hole Diameter: 10mm

    Scale Length: 25.5 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tony Bateman


Telecaster Compatible Rosewood Neck, Vintage, Gloss

Really nice quality piece. The double-acting truss rod is a bonus, accessible from the nut end. The nut does need minor work to set the string height. Tuner holes need enlarging a little to take Fender tuners, but at least that means you can enlarge the holes to a snug fit on the tuner collars. Very accurate dimensions, so is an exact replacement for a Fender neck in the neck pocket. Personally I don't like gloss finishes, so I rubbed the maple side of the neck with 600 grit and a wet cloth to produce a satin finish which doesn't drag on the hands. As far as tone goes, it is definitely different from an all-maple neck - very "springy/twangy" tone, allowing the harmonics to come through. The rosewood allows you to grip the strings better in chords, which is why I swapped from all-maple, as I prefer rhythm playing. But bends not quite so easy due to the nickel alloy frets dragging on the strings - you can't have bendy solos AND stable chords! Since a neck swap is a major event, it is worth spending a bit more than the £50 some sellers ask for. Remember to apply lemon oil the rosewood. The lack of transfers is no issue - you play instruments not look at them, although a rosewood neck on a black tele does look good!

William Moore
Telecaster Compatible Guitar Neck Rosewood Fretboard Vintage Gloss

A beautiful looking neck. Easy to mate and affix to the body. This is one beautiful neck to play. So smooth and feels great when I am playing. I'd definitely buy necks from NWG....they definitely got it right. Delivery fast safely packaged and friendly courier. Well done