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Mahogany Stratocaster Compatible Body SSS - Unfinishedmpatible Body SSS - Unfinished

Mahogany Stratocaster Compatible Body SSS - Unfinishedmpatible Body SSS - Unfinished


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Strat Compatible Body HSS - Unfinished Mahogany

This Strat Compatible Body HSS is Unfinished, allowing you to apply your dream guitar colour. The HSS configuration is a much-loved Stratocaster variant thanks to its combination of humbucker bulk and single-coil slink. The variety of tones offered by the pickup configuration makes these guitars great for any style, encompassing anything from funk to heavy metal. We also find a lot of customers using these bodies for single-pickup guitars, where you just want one humbucker in the bridge position.

Mahogany Guitar Body

Crafted from 2-piece Mahogany, an esteemed choice among many. It's typically a medium to heavy-weight wood and is predominantly found in tropical regions of the world.

Mahogany presents numerous sonic benefits. Its open-pore structure provides a deep and warm tone, frequently described as 'rich' and 'full-bodied'. The wood naturally emphasizes midrange frequencies, delivering a robust sustain and pronounced attack. Its harmonious tonal attributes combined with its crafting versatility make Mahogany one of the most sought-after woods for guitar bodies.

Neck Pocket

All of our guitar bodies are designed with complete compatibility in mind, so our neck pockets are perfectly sized to fit the vast majority of guitar necks. The neck pocket offers a snug fit with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, making them perfect for matching with genuine Fender necks, or other aftermarket guitar necks.


We also rout all of our guitar bodies for all your electronics, with pickups, control cavities, and some hardware mounts already pre-drilled so you can get up and running quicker. Depending on the model we may not necessarily drill tremolo or bridge mounting holes, and this is because there is so much variety between different bridge types that we would end up limiting what you can install.

Unfinished Body

Our alder guitar bodies are more than just pieces of wood; they're resonant masterpieces. Known for their balanced and vibrant tonal qualities, alder wood has long been the choice for many legendary guitars. When you pick up one of our alder bodies, you're not just getting a material, but an echo of musical history. Its natural resonance ensures that each strum and pluck carries with it a depth and clarity, laying the perfect foundation for any musical project.

Whether you're an enthusiast taking your first steps into guitar crafting or a seasoned luthier looking for the perfect canvas, our guitar bodies promise a blend of aesthetic allure and unmatched performance.

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  • Material: Mahogany

    Body Thickness: 46mm (1 13/16")

    Neck Pocket Width: 55.5mm (2 3/16")

    Neck Pocket Depth: 17mm (43/74")

    Control Cavity Depth: 38.5mm (1 33/64")

  • Pickup Cavity Depth: 17mm (43/64")

    Finish: Unfinished

    String Spacing: N/A

    Other Info: Strap button holes pre-drilled

    Weight: 2.4kg (5lb 3oz)

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