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Wilkinson Vintage 60's Alnico V Single Coil Pickup Set

Wilkinson Vintage 60's Alnico V Single Coil Pickup Set


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Wilkinson has etched its mark in delivering top-tier guitar components without a hefty price tag. The MWVS vintage style series resonates with this ethos, marrying the ageless Strat ambience with a touch of modern flair.

Key Features:

Echoing Vintage, With a Modern Finesse

Precision-engineered, the MWVS pickups channel the revered Stratocaster shimmer and radiance. While rooted in vintage traditions, they also meet the aspirations of today's guitarists, offering a richer output and greater sonic versatility.

Alnico V Magnets

Harnessing the power of Alnico V magnets, these single-coil pickups create a signature tonal palette, characterized by vibrant highs, rich midrange, and robust lows. Their broad tonal character resonates with a variety of musical tastes, marking them as a top pick for those bridging the gap between classical resonance and contemporary zest.

Progressive Staggered Pole Pieces

The MWVS pickups incorporate staggered pole pieces, which optimize the tonal response across all strings. This innovative design brings forth a balanced and harmonious sound, whether you're rhythmically strumming chords or melodically picking individual notes.

Stellar Craftsmanship

In the grand tradition of Wilkinson, the MWVS pickups are meticulously forged with the finest materials and stand as a testament to expert craftsmanship. Such unwavering commitment ensures long-lasting durability and consistent sonic performance.

Musical Versatility at its Best

Thanks to their sophisticated tonal spectrum, these pickups shine across a broad musical canvas – from the evocative strains of blues and jazz to the dynamic beats of rock and pop.


For enthusiasts looking to elevate their Stratocaster's auditory experience without drilling a hole in their pockets, the Wilkinson MWVS pickups, endowed with Alnico V magnets and staggered pole pieces, are an outstanding choice. Seamlessly weaving vintage harmonies with the demands of modern soundscapes, they cater to a wide range of musical sensibilities.


• Magnets: Alnico V
• Bridge: 7.1k
• Middle: 6.5k
• Neck: 6.3k


  • Bridge: 52mm,
  • Middle: 52mm,
  • Neck: 52mm

Screws & springs included



DC Resistance neck: 7.0 KΩ

DC Resistance middle: 7.0 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 7.9 KΩ

Alnico V magnets

2 Conductor Wires

Active: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Collins
Wilkinson Vintage 60's Alnico V

Converted my HSS S-Style to Artec P90 humbucker sized in the bridge and the Wilkinsons in the middle and neck. Sounds much more "stratty" now. Love the sound of these pickups !

Richard Webb
Project on going.

I have built up a plec board for my brother in law in South Africa with the Wilkinson pickups. He will get it on Monday. So, this is a bit premature for me to give an accurate review. I have also wired it with a 1/4 Blend Mod, so, will see how it all goes when he fits it to his Strat.