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Metallic Purple Stratocaster Compatible Body

Metallic Purple Stratocaster Compatible Body


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After months of extensive research and careful selection, we have partnered with an exceptional manufacturer to bring you top-notch necks and bodies.

Throughout this rigorous process, we have meticulously reviewed numerous samples in an array of captivating colors. Each sample boasts flawless quality, completely free from any defects. However, we faced a dilemma regarding what to do with these remarkable pieces.

That's when we came up with a solution – a reverse auction.

Here's how it works:

We have assigned a fixed price to each individual body, and every 24 hours, we will reduce the price by £10 until it finds its new owner.

Please note, we have a limited number of these exceptional bodies available for auction. If you're seeking a thrilling new guitar project and a remarkable deal, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

Remember, time is of the essence. Act swiftly to secure the body that has captured your interest, as someone else might just beat you to it!




Body Thickness: 46mm (1 13/16")

Neck Pocket Width: 55.5mm (2 3/16")

Neck Pocket Depth: 17mm (43/74")

Control Cavity Depth: 38.5mm (1 33/64")

Pickup Cavity Depth: 17mm (43/64")

Finish: Polyurethane

String Spacing: N/A

Weight: 2.4kg (5lb 3oz)

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