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Hosco Phosphor Bronze Medium Pre Cut Fret Wire

Hosco Phosphor Bronze Medium Pre Cut Fret Wire


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Crafted with precision and expertise, Hosco's new Phosphor Bronze Fretwire is the pinnacle of quality and durability.

Phosphor bronze, known for its exceptional tonal qualities and resistance to corrosion, ensures that your frets not only deliver impeccable sound but also withstand the test of time, making it perfect for professional musicians and hobbyists alike.

Hosco Phosphor Bronze Fretwire is designed to offer superior playability and enhanced sustain. With a smooth surface finish, your fingers will glide effortlessly across the fretboard, allowing you to play faster and with greater precision. Additionally, the resilient properties of phosphor bronze contribute to prolonged note sustain, allowing your guitar's sound to resonate beautifully, note after note.

Not just for guitar repairs and upgrades, Hosco Phosphor Bronze Pre-Cut Fretwire is also ideal for custom guitar builds. Whether you're constructing an acoustic masterpiece or an electric showstopper, the reliability and versatility of this fretwire will guarantee an outstanding final product.

  • Each fret of the following precut phosphor bronze fretwire is cut based on a standard fretboard (43mm at nut / 53mm at 12th fret) and is oversized by 0.5mm.
  • Undercut for bindings : 2.5mm from each end
  • Radius : 10″
  • Sold as a set of 24 pieces


Fret Height: 1.2mm

Fret Width: 2.4mm

Material: Phosphor Bronze

Radius: 10"

Hardness: HV250-290

Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mr Frets
Make sure to align perfectly before hammering in!

These look the business and I'm glad I chose this as a slightly different alternative to steel or nickel as they have a slightly rose gold colouration. No idea about hardness/longevity yet but they seem slightly easier to file than stainless steel so I guess a little bit softer. One note though about the length - obviously they come pre-cut for specific fretboard dimensions and my fretboard was probably very slightly wider at the body end than what might be considered 'standard' in this case, so I had to make absolutely sure that the fret ends fully overlapped the fretboard before tapping them in. There was *very* little overhang at each end by the time I got up to the body end (<0.5mm at each end) so just watch out for this when installing. Check twice, hammer once!

John Kiely
Making life easy

Easy to fit and finish, wish all frets were like this.

Chris Smith
Something a little different

Thought I’d try something different aesthetically having recently tried stainless frets.
They arrived quickly and well packaged. Lengths are neatly cut as are the tangs.
However the tang width was nearer 1mm than .6 measured excluding the “teeth”. Trying to insert the frets into my ebony board proved impossible! This resulted in me having to open up my fret slots with a blade kerf of nearer 1mm. Unfortunately I have still ended up with a curved fretboard. Not sure I’d use them again unless someone tells me I got a bad batch.