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Hosco Paper in Oil Capacitor Cylinder - .047uF

Hosco Paper in Oil Capacitor Cylinder - .047uF


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Hosco Paper in Oil Capacitor Cylinder - .047uF

Paper in Oil Capacitors are great for guitar players who want vintage-era tones in their guitar. Made to exacting standards in Japan, this cylinder-type capacitor requires slightly more room than the slim type.

What is Paper-in-Oil?

Paper in Oil (PIO) capacitors are an older technology, highly sought after primarily due to their use in many vintage instruments such as 50s era Gibsons. The capacitor is literally filled with paper and a special oil before being sealed in thermoplastic. The thinking behind PIO construction was that it improved cooling and improved insulation, which was necessary at the time due the high voltages involved from audio amplifiers that were vacuum-tube based.

Paper in Oil Caps

PIO capacitors deliver a darker, warmer and smoother tone, which is why they are so sought after for those seeking a more vintage aesthetic. The famous Black Beauty and Bumblebee capacitors were used in vintage instruments and guitarists have been seeking these capacitors in their search for tone for some time now. It makes sense that you would use an older technology to get the tone you want, if you’re going to the trouble of installing period correct pickups, body material, paints and machine heads, why stop at the capacitors you use?

Despite being an older technology, Paper in Oil Capacitors deliver high quality tone that's great for classic guitars, or for a modern build with a vintage aesthetic. This .047uF value capacitor is great for single coil equipped guitars.


Paper-in-Oil Capacitor

Cap Value: .047 µf

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin Crawley Crawley

I replaced a 0.02 cap in my pbass. The 0.047 had lead to a stronger top end roll off allowing me to have a good, heavy thud and everything in between. It also sounds sweet.

Paul Bowen
Great vintage tone

I wanted to try a different cap from the orange drop which is my go to cap. I was surprised when I could hear a tone difference with my fender custom shop Texas specials. To my ears it sounds warmer with a very noticeable tone change. Will definitely be getting another one or experiment with another type.

gareth millis
Nice tone.

The capacitors have a really nice tone to them, great value and service from Northwest Guitars excellent as usual.