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Hosco Japan Unfinished Jaguar body 2 Piece Alder

Hosco Japan Unfinished Jaguar body 2 Piece Alder


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Jaguar Style Body - Compatible with Fender Hardware

Our Jaguar Compatible Body gives you the classic Jaguar shape and configuration, delivering a guitar tone that’s been heard on countless hit records. The legendary sound of the Jag is much sought after by guitarists, and our replacement Jaguar bodies are perfectly routed to accept your pickups of choice.


We’ve produced faithful replicas of this iconic body shape, with the same dimensions and pickup routing as the original, thus ensuring our bodies are compatible with genuine Fender hardware and necks, including MIA, MIM, MIJ, and many Squier models 

Alder Guitar Body

Alder has many sonic advantages thanks to its closed-pore design which delivers a resonant and balanced tone. Often referred to as ‘full bodied’ it has a great sound across the entire spectrum range, delivering excellent sustain and attack. It’s balanced tonal nature and easy to use construction is all what it makes it one of the most popular woods for guitar bodies.

Neck Pocket

All of our guitar bodies are designed with complete compatibility in mind, so our neck pockets are perfectly sized to fit the vast majority of guitar necks. The neck pocket offers a snug fit with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, making them perfect for matching with genuine Fender necks, or other aftermarket guitar necks.


We also rout all of our guitar bodies for all your electronics, with pickups, control cavities, and some hardware mounts already pre-drilled so you can get up and running quicker. Depending on the model we may not necessarily drill tremolo or bridge mounting holes, and this is because there is so much variety between different bridge types that we would end up limiting what you can install.

We've been making bodies and necks for many years now, and we have achieved a reputation among builders and luthiers for producing wood products of the highest quality. Our Jaguar Compatible Body is the perfect guitar body for your next build project.

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  • Material: Alder

    Body Thickness: 46mm (1 13/16")

    Neck Pocket Width: 55.5mm (2 3/16")

    Neck Pocket Depth: 17mm (43/74")

    Control Cavity Depth: 38.5mm (1 33/64")

  • Pickup Cavity Depth: 17mm (43/64")

    Finish: Polyurethane

    String Spacing: N/A

    Other Info: Strap button holes pre-drilled

    Weight: 2.4kg (5lb 3oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ollie Taylor
As good if not better than Fender

Very pleasantly surprised by the quality, and at this price it makes it affordable to put together your own guitar.
It was exactly what I was looking for with the pre routed cavities and neck pocket (which fits the Neck I bought very well too, leaving a tiny bit of room for the finish)
Can’t recommend enough. The Jaguar I’m building is quickly becoming my favorite guitar