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Hipshot Stye 6 string Electric Guitar Bridge

Hipshot Stye 6 string Electric Guitar Bridge


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Hipshot Style Hardtail Bridge - String Thru

This Hipshot-style fixed bridge is one of our best sellers for good reason. It's thoroughly modern design offers outstanding performance, particularly when compared to older-style designs.

Why Choose a Hardtail?

Hardtail bridges are well known for holding their tuning exceedingly well. This is because they are fixed to the body, and also comes with the added benefit of allowing them to provide excellent string vibration transfer to the body. They also improve sustain over a tremolo bridge, as there are less parts for the string vibration to be lost to.

Die-Cast Steel

The entire bridge is manufactured from die-cast steel for outstanding reliability and enhanced guitar tone. The combination of steel base plate and saddles delivers clarity in both single note playing and chords, enhancing the response to your picking dynamics.

Unique Steel Saddle Design

The distinctive design of these saddles not only looks awesome, but it promotes longer sustain, a brighter tonality, and rock solid intonation from each string. Your bridge is such an important part of the way your guitar sounds, and in particular a high quality saddle can really enhance the sound and feel of your instrument.

Raised Surround

The raised surround serves two purposes on this hardtail bridge. First of all it provides a comfortable platform for your picking hand, offering a great platform to rest your hand, particularly useful when palm muting.

Secondly it prevents any sidesway movement of saddles under duress, useful if you have a lot of attack in your picking style, or you like to bend your strings a lot.

Hardtail Bridge

This Hipshot-style hardtail bridge offers a quick and easy way to improve the playability of your guitar, increasing sustain and enhancing your guitar tone whilst looking phenomenal. Find out why so many guitarists are choosing to go for hardtail guitars with this incredible bit of kit.

W06 Specifications

  • String Spacing 10.5mm (52mm E to E)
  • Base Plate Material - Steel
  • Saddle Material - Steel
  • String Mounting - String Thru


String Spacing: 10.5mm

String Spacing E to E: 52.5mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Quality Solid Bridge

No need to pay 3 times the amount for the brand name bridge that this one has been modelled on unless you really must have that brand name. I have one of the brand name ones and this own brand bridge is easily of the same good quality. Solid, rounded and very ergonomic.