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Hardtail Through Body 7 String Electric Guitar Bridge BN071 Plus Screws

Hardtail Through Body 7 String Electric Guitar Bridge BN071 Plus Screws


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7 String Guitar Bridge with Modern Saddles - String Thru

If you're looking to get your djent on then this 7 string hardtail guitar bridge is perfect for brand new builds, or for replacing your existing guitar bridge.

Brass Base Plate

The brass base plate enhances the performance of your guitar, offering great stability and sustain. Locked to the body via the included four, colour matched screws, the design ensures rock solid contact between the bridge and guitar body, promoting the transfer of string vibrations.

Steel Bridge Saddles

Steel saddles offer a brighter tonality, which is a perfect match when you're getting into the lower registers with an extended range guitar. These modern-style saddles make restringing a breeze, locking your string in place securely.

Why Choose a Hardtail?

Hardtail bridges are well known for holding their tuning exceedingly well. This is because they are fixed to the body, and also comes with the added benefit of allowing them to provide excellent string vibration transfer to the body. They also improve sustain over a tremolo bridge, as there are less parts for the string vibration to be lost to.

7 String Guitar Bridge

This bridge is robust and solid, just like the riffs you'll be smashing out on your seven string! The steel construction ensures reliable performance time after time, ensuring great performance whether you're practicing, gigging, or laying the smackdown in the studio.

BN071 Specifications

  • String Spacing 10.8mm (64.8mm B to E)
  • Base Plate Material - Brass
  • Saddle Material - Steel
  • String Mounting - String Thru


String Spacing: 10.8mm

String Spacing E to E: 64.8mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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