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Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Lemon Oil - 1oz

Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Lemon Oil - 1oz


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Jim Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Lemon Oil - 1oz

Jim Dunlop's famous Formula 65 Guitar Lemon Oil is found on the workbenches of luthiers and guitar techs the world over, and is as close to an industry standard guitar fretboard cleaner as you can get.


Cleaning Guitar Fretboard

Cleaning your guitar fretboard is an essential step in your guitar maintenance, as the most used part of your instrument it's the most susceptible to the build up of dirt and grime. When you sweat all over your guitar, it dries and evaporates, causing the wood itself to become dehydrated. This can lead to cracks developing as well as marks and stains that if left untreated become unremovable. This build up of dirt and grease can also cause permanent damage to the fretboard in particularly bad cases.

Best Way To Clean A Fretboard

These cleaning products are only for use on a Rosewood, Ebony, Pau Ferro, or any other ‘dark’ wood fretboard. They won't work on a maple fretboard due to the gloss/lacquer used to seal them, which will either leave you with a greasy build up, or potentially even damage the gloss/lacquer.

The Jim Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Lemon Oil is a must have for any guitar player that is serious about their instrument. It will remove dirt and grime, restoring your fretboard to its original lustre, whilst leaving a seal that will protect against further stains and moisture.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sam Jones
Great product

Lemon oil sorted out the fingerboard of an old Yamaha acoustic I have recently restored. Really good for getting the last vestiges of other people's finger gunk from either side of the frets. And leaves the surface of the board nourished and with a sheen

Christopher Lynch
Just the ticket

Easy to apply with a small piece of cloth; simple and effective.