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Classic String-Through Bridge for Hardtail Stratocaster

Classic String-Through Bridge for Hardtail Stratocaster


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Hardtail Strat Bridge with Vintage Saddles - String Thru

This hardtail bridge is designed specifically for Stratocaster bodies. Made from high quality steel throughout, it serves great as a replacement part for your existing Strat guitar, or as part of a conversion or brand new hardtail guitar build.

Short Base Plate

One of the most common issues with changing a hardtail Strat bridge is that the vast majority of replacement bridges feature a longer base plate, which thanks to the pickguard design of a Strat prevents proper alignment with the string-thru holes.

Thankfully the BN01F hardtail bridge is designed specifically to solve this problem! With a shorter base plate you can get correct alignment with the string-thru holes and a perfect fit with your scratchplate, preventing the need for additional modification.

Vintage Saddles

Vintage-style saddies offer that classic Strat look whilst ensuring great performance. They help deliver great sustain and intonation thanks to their time-tested design.

Steel Base Plate

The shorter, steel base plate enhances the performance of your Strat-style guitar, offering great stability and sustain. Locked to the body via the included three, colour matched mounting screws, the design ensures rock solid contact between the bridge and guitar body, promoting the transfer of string vibrations.

Why Choose a Hardtail?

Hardtail bridges are well known for holding their tuning exceedingly well. This is because they are fixed to the body, and also comes with the added benefit of allowing them to provide excellent string vibration transfer to the body. They also improve sustain over a tremolo bridge, as there are less parts for the string vibration to be lost to.

Hardtail Bridge

This hardtail Strat bridge offers a quick and easy way to improve the playability of your guitar, increasing sustain and enhancing your guitar tone whilst keeping its vintage aesthetic.

BN01F Specifications

  • String Spacing 11.2mm (56.4mm E to E)
  • Base Plate Material - Steel
  • Saddle Material - Steel
  • String Mounting - String Thru


String Spacing: 11.2mm

String Spacing E to E: 56mm

Compatible with Left & Right Handed Guitars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Collins
String Through Holes Not Drilled Properly

The body looked great , so I bought the bridge that you recommend for the body and they did not line up , so now I have to spend more money to get it re-drilled so your body and bridge will line up so I can have it mounted. A bit disappointing to say the least..

Richard Henry
Great quality bridge.

This is a great quality hardtail bridge,and at a very competitive price,too!Highly recommended.