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Artec Alnico V P90, Humbucker Size Single Coil Pickups - Neck or Bridge

Artec Alnico V P90, Humbucker Size Single Coil Pickups - Neck or Bridge


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If you're looking for some single-coil snap and twang, from your humbucker equipped guitar, take a look at the Artec Alnico V 'HB90'. A fat P90 single coil in a standard humbucker sized body. These P90's are a perfect mid-ground between a humbucker and a traditional single-coil. Thick and full without sounding muddy, but not overly bright. With plenty of mids, your clean and crunch tones will have more definition, allowing your chords to ring out.


  • High output, vintage sounding Alnico V magnets
  • Double wax potted for reduced noise & feedback
  • Alnco V magnets
  • Supplied with mounting screws and springs

Output Neck: 7.6K

Output Bridge: 8.3K

Pole spacing Neck: 50mm • Pole spacing Bridge: 52mm

Pickups supplied with free black flat mounting surrounds.



DC Resistance neck: 7.6 KΩ

DC Resistance bridge: 8.3 KΩ

Anico V magnets

2 Conductor Wires

Active: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark Vickers
Artec P90

Great pickup. A straight swap from the rather bland sounding humbucker that was in place. Snarls like a good'un now :-)

Replaced 03 Epiphone Explorer pickups

I've just stripped and facelifted an ebony Epiphone Explorer, which had stock LP/Dot humbuckers from 03. These are brighter - they have more harmonics with drive added - but not so different that the guitar is unrecognisable. If you're thinking of twangy Fender-like single coil tone, it's not that. Still plenty of mids on the bridge. No worries with noise or hum really. It's made a much more versatile instrument out of the Explorer. The plastic surrounds aren't great, but they're not awful and you could always reuse your originals if you care. Chrome finish is clean. Plenty of cable length for wiring them in too. If you like chime and clarity, these could get you there. Incidentally, the tone controls in the image are from Northwest too...