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Anti Bloom Thinners 1L - for use with nitrocellulose paints & lacquers

Anti Bloom Thinners 1L - for use with nitrocellulose paints & lacquers


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1L Anti-bloom thinners

We stock a wide range of high quality nitrocellulose lacquers and paints suitable for use on any guitar project.
We’ve produced a range of colours found on popular guitar models and used our own Strat and Tele bodies for reference. 

This is the same type of lacquer as used on vintage Fender and Gibson guitars which, over time, will produce an aged, tarnished look to your instrument. These are true lacquers, as used by top guitar makers since the 1950s. They dry very quickly and produce a hard glassy finish, unlike other “pre-cat” lacquers


 Anti-bloom cellulose thinners
Helps prevent blooming in clear top coats
Suitable for cellulose paint and nitrocellulose lacquer
Enhances gloss finish
Use up to 1:1 with any of our tinned paints and lacquers

Use only in a well ventilated area. Suitable breathing apparatus should be worn 

*Colour may vary slightly depending on number of coats applied, wood type and preparation method. 



Anti-bloom thinners

Perfect for use with our range of undiluted nitrocellulose products

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ludovico Ausiello
Good thinner

I watched a video by Dan Erlewine describing the use of flash coats and nitro, and I bought this product to achieve similar results on an Eastman semi acoustic I modified.

I'm using an airbrush gun and not a large spray gun, and so far I had decent results. It's difficult to spray nitro with the pressures I can achieve with my small compressor, but at least I had no issues with bloom.

All in all it's a good product, I just need to master it the way I learned to use polyurethane and water based stains and varnish.

Many thanks

Karina Alexander
Newby oops

The lacquer is amazing... But I need to cover an entire guitar & it dries almost as fast as I pour it out & thin it! I also didn't realize it's supposed to be sprayed on. So, I'm thinking what I have even more & probably will need to order a spray can of it.

Jane Bird
Anti Bloom Thinners

Positive transaction , arrived quickly in perfect condition. No damage during transit. Easy pour spout and product worked well on the project my son ios working on (building an electric guitar)

David Stacey
Battling with high humidity

I was really struggling when the humidity was so high. Every coat bloomed. First attempt with the anti bloom thinners still had some bloom, but for the last coat I warmed the neck over an electric fire and it was perfect.

Thomas Moonan
Bang on!

Does exactly what you would expect. Thins lacquers, cleans guns, doesn't bloom. Excellent stuff.